How To Start an E-Commerce Business in 9 Steps #2

4. Select the E-Commerce Business Model:

How you sell is just as important as what you sell and to whom – and that’s where your business model comes in. Some common e-commerce business models, according to Nasdaq’s e-commerce platform, BigCommerce, include:

  • Wholesaling
  • Dropshipping
  • Registration
  • White label
  • Publish on demand

Volumes have been written about these and other types of income. You do not have to be an expert, but you do have to spend time learning about them all to get the best fit for your product.

5. Create a Brand

Like many others included in this list, e-commerce branding is the perfect concept for its article – but for now, focus on what 99Designs refers to as “four Vs”:

  • Vision
  • Prices
  • The voice
  • Visual

That includes things like brand name, logo, statement of intent and color scheme, all of which must go hand in all your forums to gain continuity across your website, YouTube channel, social media pages and visuals like business cards and sales.

6. Select a Forum

There is no shortage of commerce platforms and site builders competing with your business. Whatever you choose, you will need to weigh the cost of each site by comparing the features it offers and factors such as how you will receive payment and how much help you will need to build and maintain your store.

Among the leaders in the sector are:

Magento (Adobe Commerce)

7. Plan a Marketing Strategy

This comes after choosing your platform because different forums offer different types of marketing and advertising assistance. Whatever you choose, you will need to learn the basics of SEO in order to make your site higher in Google rankings. You will also need to market and advertise social media content, as well as the promotion of various channels that keep potential customers in your product’s online system.The fact is, there is a lot to learn – e-commerce marketing is a special activity that you can do for a company or an independent employee. Even if you do, you should learn the basics of e-commerce marketing. Shopify recently released its first 2022 edition.

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8. Go and Live

Aside from making your first sale, being live will probably be the most exciting part of your entire trip – or more troubling, depending on your level of preparation.

Before you go live, you will want to make your way down with a complete checklist of tasks and tests that include checking and double checking your own:

Site security
Payment system
Exit process
Customer communication forum

There are many more, but the bigger ones. Share. Be careful. Get ready when it’s time for real: live.

9. You Will Have To Deal With Legal Matters –

But Not NowDon’t focus on pursuing a business license, entering an EIN, building an LLC or other legal “requirements” where your e-commerce platform and others will try to sell you as a service right out of the gate.

They may be needs somewhere down the road – soon, hopefully, if you succeed – but you do not have to pay taxes or report income to the IRS until you make $ 600.

That’s another headline for another day. In the meantime, learn about the industry, build your own store, build your own brand, follow your customers and enjoy the real joy of life and making your first sale.

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Written by: Talha Iqbal

News Reporter

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