It is very easy for Dogecoin to crash like Terra LUNA because nothing is holding it back

Key Points:

  • Dogecoin is still a meme and has no real value
  • Dogecoin is still growing despite the current market breathtaking
  • Bitgert works much better than Dogecoin in the growth ecosystem

Elon Musk’s favorite crypto currency, Dogecoin, performs poorly on the market. Dogecoin investors are counting on losses as the coin is 12 months old now. At the time of writing, Dogecoin has dropped by 81.15% in the last one year. That is why crypto experts warn that Dogecoin could face a similar fate with Terra LUNA.

The bad news is that Dogecoin still has no clear idea of ​​how it will recover from this massive decline. This is because Dogecoin, like other meme coins, is not responsible for use. So, it is very easy for Dogecoin to crash like Terra LUNA because nothing is holding it back.

The Dogecoin project started as an exciting coin advertised as an appropriate digital payment method. The Dogecoin team has not done much in all these years to develop a strong Dogecoin coin ecosystem.

However, the acquisition of Dogecoin has increased. DOGE is accepted by large companies such as Tesla as a form of payment transaction. But the lack of a Dogecoin project for real use case has been a major challenge. Compared to competing projects like Bitgert (BRISE), the Dogecoin project lacks resources, which is the biggest reason we did it.

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In fact, many Dogecoin investors were joining Bitgert because of its efficient operating conditions. Bitgert is a real crypto crypto project with products and projects that the Bitgert team adds to the ecosystem. That’s why the price of Bitgert has been rising sharply when Dogecoin fell.

Unlike Dogecoin, Bitgert builds a blockchain ecosystem with multiple DeFi, NFT, and Web3 products. Among the products already introduced on the completed V1 road map is the popular blockchain Bitgert BRC20. Bitgert is currently the most widely accepted series due to its 100k TPS and its zero-gas revenue feature.

Bitgert is even more powerful than Dogecoin as the Bitgert team has already started building a roadmap for V2 products. Centcex’s partnership makes the Bitgert ecosystem even bigger. Hundreds of Bitgert projects from Startup Studio will be added to the Bitgert ecosystem in the next few months.

Therefore, the lack of cases of using Dogecoin may make the next Terra LUNA. However, Dogecoin investors still have the opportunity to invest in projects like Bitgert that have real use cases.

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Written by: Talha Iqbal

News Reporter

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