Aadhar Card Download Online With Mobile Number

Aadhar Card Download Online Using Mobile Number

Aadhar Card downloads online with Mobile Number In this article, we will look into the Aadhar Card download process online using just a mobile number. In the article we’ll offer all the relevant documents pertaining to the Aadhar Card. In the article, we’ll give you all the steps required to download Aadhar Card. Aadhar Card. Therefore, you should read this entire article.

Aadhar Card Download Online With Mobile Number

Aadhaar card acts as identification and proof of address in India. The card is a unique 12-digit identification number that is issued through the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) on behalf of the Government of India. If you do have an Aadhaar card, then you can quickly download the e-Aadhaar.

Aadhar Card Download Online With Mobile Number

Aadhaar is required for numerous services, and to authenticate documents. To make use of online services based on Aadhaar it is required that you connect your number with UIDAI which will then email you an OTP that will authenticate. If you are planning to use the mAadhaar application, you must have the mobile number you are using to do so must be associated with Aadhaar. If the mobile number you registered in UIDAI was canceled or you wish you to alter your phone number on the Aadhaar card, you need to visit an Aadhaar enrollment center, however, you cannot change or update your Aadhar Card without a Phone Number.

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Methods for updating the Mobile numbers on Aadhar Card

You can connect your phone number with your Aadhaar number and then register it with UIDAI. Different OTPs and messages which are related to Aadhaar are sent to the mobile number.

  • Step 1. Step 1: Visit the Aadhaar Registration Centre
  • Step 2. 2. Upgrade your Aadhaar Enrolment Form
  • Step 3. Fill in your mobile number out the form.
  • 4. Step 4. Return the forms to the Executive
  • The 5th step Verify your data using biometrics
  • Step 6. Documents are not required.
  • Step7 Fees of INR 30 have to be paid to be able to take advantage of this service.
  • Step 8. for those who have a mobile number provided in the registration process, there’s no longer an obligation to re-register.

How can I download an anAadhaar Card to be downloaded on the internet using a mobile phone?

1. log in to this website, and Click Here

2. Select” order Aadhaar Reprint. “Order Aadhaar Reprint” Service;

3] Enter your 12 digit Aadhaar Number (UID) or 16-digit Virtual Identification Number (VID);

4. Input the security number

5. Click on the checkbox “If you don’t have a mobile number registered Please check your phone number in”;

6] Enter an alternative or non-registered Mobile Number;

77 “Send OTP”;

8] Click the checkbox that says “Terms and Conditions”. (Note that you can click on the link to view the details);

9) Click the “Submit” button to complete the OTP/TOTP verification

10] On the following screen, a display the Aadhaar details will be displayed to be verified by the resident prior to purchasing to reprint the document;

11) Click “Make Payment”. You will be directed to the Payment Gateway page with payment options like Credit/Debit Card Net Banking, UPI, and Credit Card as well as

12] Upon successful payment and receipt is issued with digital signatures that are able to be downloaded and printed by the user in the format of PDF. A resident can also be provided with their Service Request number through SMS.


The 12-digit card is an initiative to enable everyone, Indian citizens, to be able to access all sorts of services across the entire nation and in every state. This initiative began in 2009, to offer individuals a universal identity. The Aadhaar was developed using the biometric data of the user like fingerprint impression, iris scan as well as the user’s date of birth and address, gender, etc. There are also additional identity documents, such as Pan Card, Voter Card, or Driving Licence.

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