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Aapdi Thaapdi (2022) Movie details

You guys should be looking forward to the Aapdi Thaapdi (2022)movie details. It will be available on the 5th of October 2022. This will allow you to enjoy the drama that you love. The table below contains detailed information on Aapdi Thaapdi’s (2022)movie. You can also find details about Aapdi Thaapdi’s (2022)movie by simply reading the table.

Aapdi Thaapdi (2022) Movie Download
Movie NameRapid Thaapdi
Date of release05 October 2022
Running timeComing Soon
DirectorAnand Karir
ProduceAnand Karir
MusicianAnand Bhaskar Collective, Hanif Sheikh, Rohan – Vinayak
LyricistGuru Thakur
QualitativeFull HD
Star CastShreyas Talpade, Mukta Barve, Nandu Madhav, Sandeep Pathak, Khushi Hajare, Ruturaj Shinde.

You will now find out all about Aapdi Thuapdi (2022movie). If you don’t know Marathi, you can watch it once. It contains drama and has no running time. It is available for download in HD quality. The producer is Anand Karir, and the director is Anand Karir. In its star cast, you will find Shreyas, Mukta, Nandu Madhav, Sandeep Pathak, Khushi Haijare, and Ruturaj Shinde. All these actors will be able to perform their roles very well. The musicians in the film are Anand Bhaskar Collective and Hanif Sheikh. I will also tell you guys if they are from Aapdi Thaapdi (2022).Movie. You can easily find the details about Aapdi Thaapdi’s (2022)movie by looking at the table on people. The table also contains details about Aapdi Thaapdi’s (2022)movie.

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Here is how to download Aapdi Thaapdi (222)movie in 480p HD Quality from Filmywap. You can easily download the movie in 480p HD quality by going to Chrome. After that, you will need to write the Filmywap website address and then people will want to download that movie. This movie can be downloaded very quickly by simply writing the name. However, if this happens, we won’t have any liability. You can download the movie directly from the official site. This post will provide detailed information on how to download Aapdi Thaapdi (2022)Movie via Filmywap. Huh

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We have shared all information with you through YouTube, Google, and the internet. After discussing it, we presented it to you for you to download Aapdi Thaapdi (222)Movie. You should have the ability to obtain detailed information. It shouldn’t be difficult for you to get it. This is why we wrote in detail about them in this post. You will have no problem getting the information. Let me assure you that all information I have provided is correct. If you think that there was something wrong, you can let us know by commenting.

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