Aftab Shraddha Delhi Case Story In English

Aftab Shraddha Delhi Case Story In English

Aftab Shraddha Delhi Case Story In English
Aftab Shraddha Delhi Case Story In English

Aftab Shraddha Delhi Case Story In English – Today’s article will focus on Aftab Amin Poonawala and Shraddha Delhi Case which is currently in the news. We will be covering all details regarding Aftab Amin Poonawala’s Shraddha case in this article. It’s worth reading.

Aaftab and Shraddha News Story in English

Friends, a disturbing incident occurred recently in which a boy brutally murdered his girlfriend. He cut her into 35 pieces, kept throwing them around, and they were living together in Delhi. The girl broke off their relationship for the sake of her boyfriend.

Shraddha Walker murder investigation

The Delhi Police, which is investigating the murder of Shraddha Walker, is currently looking into whether Aftab Amin Ponawala, the accused in the case, was a tenant at an apartment in Chhatarpur. This is thought to be the reason why Shraddha Walker was murdered. They solved the six-month-old murder mystery by arresting Aftab on suspicion of killing his accomplice Shraddha.

According to police, Aftab used to be a food blogger and worked in a call center in the capital. Police say they had frequent arguments and fought a lot. Police sources and ANI report that the victim and accused were in a relationship since January 2019 after they were matched through dating websites. The couple was previously based in Maharashtra.

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Police say they traveled across the country, visiting hills together between March and April. In May, he went to Himachal Pradesh and met a man living in Chhatarpur, Delhi. According to media reports, the couple lived in the house of the man at first after they moved to Delhi.

When did Aftab murder, Shraddha Walker?

Aftab then rents a Chhatarpur flat and moves to the city along with Shraddha. On May 18, the woman was strangled to death in Chhatarpur. Chhatarpur Flat. The apartment had been rented two days before the murder, according to police. What year was Shraddha Walker’s murder? According to police sources, it is still under investigation whether Aftab had hatched a plot to kill Shraddha Walker.

The suspect is accused of cutting the victim’s body in 35 pieces. He told police that he used to leave at 2 AM to get rid of the body parts. Aftab received his degree from Mumbai University. The police tracked his family.

Aftab’s social media accounts reveal that he used to do food blogging, but hasn’t made videos in a long time. His last post was in February. After that, there was no activity on Aftab’s profile. His Instagram followers number more than 28,000

Police claimed that Shraddha, as well as Aftab, worked in the same call center earlier.

It was discovered that Aftab used the time to go home at 6-7 p.m. and then took the body parts from the refrigerator for disposal. Sources say he wrapped the body parts with black foil.” he stated. To prevent suspicion, he used to wrap the body parts and then toss them in the forest.

Aftab Shraddha News Story

After the victim’s father filed an official complaint, Aftab was arrested. The police said that the suspect was placed under police remand for five days. According to police, Aftab was able to find the body by searching Google and using chemicals to remove blood stains. Then, take the stained clothes off. The body was then taken to the toilet and a fridge was purchased from a nearby store. The body was then cut into pieces and placed in the fridge.

He stated that they met through a dating app in Mumbai. After three years of living together, they moved to Delhi. Ankit Chauhan, South Delhi Additional Deputy Commissioner for Police (DCP), stated to news agency ANI that Shraddha began pressuring Aftab to wed her.

He stated that there was a constant fight between them and it used to get out of control. “In this particular incident, which occurred on May 18, the person lost their temper and strangled her,” Mr. Chouhan stated.

He stated, “The accused said that he had cut her body into pieces and then dumped them in forest areas near Chhatarpur Enclave.” An investigation has begun and he has been taken into custody.

Sources revealed that Aftab lived in the same room where he had murdered the victim’s body. After putting the body in the fridge, he would often look at its face. Sources claim that he cleaned the fridge after disposing of the body parts.

Sources claim that Aftab had been in touch with several women before Shraddha. Aftab enjoyed several web-based crime films, including Dexter, an American drama about crime.

Shraddha’s relative informed her family that he hadn’t been in touch with her in the past two months. His mobile phone number was also switched off. His accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were not updated by his family. Vikas Madan, the father of the family who lives in Palghar (Maharashtra), approached the Mumbai Police to file a missing appeal.

During the investigation, it was discovered that Aftab & Shraddha had moved from Delhi to live in rented accommodation in Chhatarpur Pahari. The police located Aftab and arrested him.

Aftab admitted his crime during interrogation. Aftab claimed that they used to fight because Shraddha wanted Aftab to marry Shraddha. Aftab was also found with bones in his rented apartment. Officials say that they are still trying to locate all the other parts of the body.

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