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Anna Mani was a prominent Indian scientist with expertise in meteorology and physics. Her name is regarded as a precious diamond of India as she developed the ozonesonde, which is a device that measures the level of ozone present in the air. It was the Google Doodle was created as an anniversary tribute to Anna in honor of her birthday. Below, you can find out more about Anna Mani’s Biography and her family, as well as her achievements in her career, as well as other information about her.

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Anna Mani Biography

Anna Mani, a retired Director General Deputy in the Indian Meteorological Department, was a meteorologist who contributed significantly to the measurement of solar radiation, ozone as well as wind power. Her name was recently in the news when Google recognized her with the creation of a Doodle on the 23rd of August 2022. Anna Mani was born on August 23, 1918, in Peermade, Kerala. Anna Mani was a Syrian Christians. The father of Anna Mani was an atheist and an engineer in civil engineering. Anna Mani has 7 siblings.

Although she wanted to pursue a career in dance, she decided to study physics. She graduated from Chennai’s Pachaiyappas College with glory in the fields of physics and chemistry in 1939. She was awarded an award to study at Bangalore’s Indian Institute of Science. She entered the graduate program in physics at Imperial College in London in 1945 to study meteorological equipment.

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Anna Mani Family

Anna Mani

The Anna Mani family was a classic example of an upper-middle-class professional family. The males of the family were encouraged to take on high-level professions at an early age while the women of the family were geared up to be married.

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In the past, there was a common belief with the rest of society that women’s education should be specifically geared towards the roles they perform as homemakers and mothers. In addition, Anna Mani would still not have the other way of doing it should she have her method. The early years of her life were spent reading extensively in a wide range of genres.

Anna Mani Education

When she received her degree from Pachai College, she joined the research team of Professor CV Raman. They studied the optical properties of rubies and diamonds. Although she wrote five research papers and submitted her dissertation to earn his Ph.D. She did not receive the honors since she did not possess a master’s in Physics.

After returning to India in 1948 she was able to employment with her local Meteorological Department in Pune. She is the author of numerous research journals on various meteorological instruments.

Anna Mani Career

Anna Mani was principally accountable for mixing the importation of meteorological equipment from the UK. Mani aimed to guarantee the independence of India’s meteorological instruments. She created a standardization of the designs of more than a hundred different meteorological instruments.

In the years 1957 and 1958, she set up a series of stations to track how much radiation comes out of the sun. She found a tiny manufacturing facility in Bangalore that was devoted to the development of instruments that could be used to measure the speed of the wind and also the quantity of the sun’s energy. She helped in the creation of a device to measure Ozone, and then developed it. Anna Mani is now married however she remains dedicated to her career. She was a part of several highly respected scientific organizations.


Her move to Delhi in 1969 was prompted because of her elevation to the post of Deputy Director General. He was appointed Director General in 1975. acted as a consultant for the WMO in Egypt. She was the Deputy Director General for the Indian Meteorological Department till her retirement in the year 1976.

To mark the 100th anniversary of Mani’s birth and his birth, his birth year, the World Meteorological Organization paid tribute to his life through a biographies account which also featured an interview with Anna. On the anniversary of Mani’s birth which was celebrated on August 23 2022 Google created a special Doodle to honor her.

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Weather Women

Anna Mani, an Indian meteorologist, physicist, and physicist was given the Google Doodle on August 23 to mark her birthday 104 years. Mani is acknowledged for her significant contributions to meteorology during her entire career.

Alongside being a physicist, and meteorologist, the person is also known by the name of “weather lady from India.” It is because the research she conducted throughout her life and in her research enabled India to make precise weather predictions, and she made it possible for India to make use of alternative energy sources.

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