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Aparajito (2022) Bengali movie details

[Download] Aparajito (2022) Bengali movie We will now give you all the details about Aparajito (222) movie. We will tell you who the movie’s star cast is, what language it is, how long it runs, and who its liter is. This information is available in a table. This information was provided by

Movie Name


Date of release

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13 May 2022







Running time

Coming Soon


Anik Dutta


Firdausul Hasan , Prabal Halder


Supratim Bhol


Utsav Mukherjee


Full HD

Star Cast

Saayoni Ghosh, Debashis Roy, Jeetu Kamal, Anusha Viswanathan, Anashua Majumdar.

Aparajito (2022) Bengali movie download

We have provided all information regarding Aparajito (2022) movie to you. It will be released on May 13, 2022. You will also see it in Bengali and I will tell you. I can assure you that this movie will be very enjoyable and easy to watch if you guys see it. You’ll also be able to see the acting. We tell our loved ones that AK Dutta Ji is its director and that many actors are involved in it. We also have all the information about those artists. Once you’ve given the information, you will be able to find the names of artists like Anashua Majumdar, Debashis Roy, and Jeetu Kamal. You guys will have a lot more fun watching this movie because all these actors did a great job acting in the film.

[Download] Aparajito (2022) Bengali movie

Aparajito (2022) Bengali movie download 360p 9X Movies

We will now tell you about the Aparajito (2022) movie. If you read the entire table about the movie, you will have all the details about it. You may have forgotten that the movie will be released in Bengali on May 13. If you can watch the movie then you can also see the option through drama. We want to tell you all about the star casts that are working inside the movie. The names of all the artists are Saayoni Gosh, Debashis, Jeetu, Anusha Viswanathan, and Anashua Majumdar. We are happy to inform you all that you can easily download this movie in 360p through 9X Movies. This is a great movie. There is also a private site that will allow you to get people to download the movie. However, if people download from this site and have any problems, then they will be responsible. Because we share all information on the internet and through google, we cannot help you.

Aparajito (2022) Bengali movie download 480p 123mkv

We will now inform you about downloading Aparajito (2022), a movie. This movie can be downloaded in both 480p and 123mkv. It is also possible to download it. We are certain that you will enjoy a great view and will be happy if you download it in these high-quality formats. We hope you have fun, friends. If you don’t know anything about this Bengali movie, you can find out through the table when it will be available. You can find out who the director is, who the producer is, and who the star cast is. This information is essential if you want to fully enjoy the movie. If you don’t have any problems with this, you can easily watch the movie on your office computer. The site allows you to download the movie. This will assure you that you won’t have any problems. However, if someone has downloaded the movie incorrectly, we will permit them. You are not allowed to download the movie in any other way than we allow. We are not promoting anyone. Enjoy the full movie

Aparajito (2022) Bengali movie download 1080p khatrimazza

We will now give you information on how to download Aparajito (2022) movie. Let’s say that you would like to download the movie in 1080p. If that is your preference, Khatri Maza will allow you to do so. We also recommend that you watch the movie and then download the movie. Make it fun for you to watch and do this movie. You will also see some very talented actors participating in the songs. I would like to inform you that all of the artists’ names are written in such a manner that they work very well. You all will know the names of the artists if you’ve played your part with Saayoni Gosh, Debashis Roy, and Jeetu Kamal. All these artists have done very well, and you can enjoy a lot by watching them.

Aparajito (2022) Bengali movie download 720p pagalworld

We will now provide information on how to download Aparajito (222) movie. It is possible to download the movie in 720p through Pagalworld. This is a private and very pleasant way for you to get it. We will tell you, however, that if you download the movie and have any problems with it, please don’t share this information with anyone. You tell people that we want you to download this movie. They then tell everyone on the internet that they can easily download the entire information. We will not be held responsible if you get caught doing this illegally. We don’t allow you to download any files that are not correct.


We have all the details about downloading Aparajito (222) movie. When and where was it released? Who is the director? And who are its producers? All this and more will be revealed to you. We have provided all information regarding the download. This includes how and where you can download it. If you are having trouble downloading it, you are likely looking for incorrect information. We are not responsible for any information you give us. It is all available online and on google.


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