Bhoonataka Mandali (2022) Movie Download Full HD360p,480p,720p,1080p

Bhoonataka Mandali (2022) Movie Download

Bhoonataka Mandi (2022) Movie Download. Hello friends, today is our turn to provide you with all the information you need to download this movie. We will give you all information regarding the download of the Bhoonataka Mandi (2022) movie. If you want to get the movie in 360p, 480p, 720p, or 720p, then we will show you how. You guys will be able to find out all details about Wali, its director, producer, and star cast. You can have it all. This film cost between 6-8 crore rupees to produce. If the total collection of the film is higher than that, the film will be a success.

Bhoonataka Mandali (2022) Movie Details

We will now give you all the details about Bhoonataka Mandi (2022) movie. This will include the date and time it was released, its director, college campus, and the language used. It will also tell you the running time, as well as the star cast and cinematographer. If you watch the movie, you’ll find out which story you will see. All of these details can be accessed in great detail. We have given you all information about this movie through a table. Let me tell you, guys, that I will tell you all about the movie’s name and details. I will give you the release date and the language. I will also tell you about the country. I will also tell you the quality of the movie.

Movie Name

Bhoonataka Mandali

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Date of release

30 September 2022







Running time

1 Hour 51 Minutes


G.V. Raghavendra Iyer

Dialogue Writer

Gururaj Marpalli


George Thomas


Sanjeeva Reddy


Raju Shiralakoppa


Full HD

Star Cast

Rajesh Krishnan, Sparsha Rekha, Tushar Ravi, Ashok Mahendra

The table above shows all information about Bhoonataka Mandi’s (2022) movie. It will inform you that your movie will be available on the 30th of September 2022. We will also have the opportunity to meet you in Kannada. This movie will be filled with drama. If you are interested in watching it, please allow us to tell you that the movie will only be available for viewing at 1 hour 51 minutes. You can also tell me the names of the artists. This table will give you a lot of enjoyment. This post will provide you with all the information. Let’s start by talking about the movie’s release date, which is September 30, 2022. This movie will not be released until tomorrow. Let me assure you, this movie will be out tomorrow. I have all the information I need today. I will also tell you about its star cast. I will get all the information. Then I will tell my readers about the star cast.

Bhoonataka Mandali (2022) Movie Download

Bhoonataka Mandali (2022) Movie Download 360p Filmywap

We are now going to tell you about downloading Bhoonataka Mandi (2022) movie. If you want to get this movie, you can do so through Filmy Vaap. This will give you all the details. Filmy is a great site. It is a private website that allows you to get people to download the movie. But, let’s tell you, if you do download, you can solve any problem. We need your help. We don’t share any information with friends. Instead, we make it available on the internet and Google so you can easily download this movie and all its information. You can get it in 360 if it interests you. If you do it, you will be caught and punished. Then you will have to pay the fine. Today I will be telling you guys about the movie Bhunatak Mandali (2022). Let’s talk about how it did at the box office. I’ll tell you the total budget and how much it has earned so far.

Bhoonataka Mandali (2022) Movie Download 720p Khatrimazza

We will now provide information on the Bhoonataka Mandi (2022) movie download to you. If you want to get this movie in 720p then we will give you all the details here. Tell him that if you want to get this movie in 720p, then you can do so through Khatri-maza Khatrimaza. This is a private and very reliable organization. Let us also tell you, if you download any issue you have, you will be responsible. Then, let me tell ya that you can watch the movie in Kannada or then. You will see what we see. If you are there, you can also see the entire story. This will take you to the end of the drama. Friends, if you think that you will enjoy the show, please let me know. These are the names of all the artists: Rajesh Krishnan, Sparsha, Ravi, Tushar Ravi, and Ashok Mahendra. All these artists have done very well, so you will know everything about them. You can enjoy the movie to its fullest. This movie stars Rajesh Krishnan and Sparsh Ravi as well as Ashok Mahendra, Tushar Ravi, and Tushar Ravi. You can see the acting skills of these actors, as they play their characters well. Information about them is available in the table above.

Bhoonataka Mandali (2022) Movie Download 480p Pagalworld

We will now inform you about how to download Bhoonataka Mandi (2022) movie. The story will be available for download anywhere in the world. However, you must inform the work that you can upload any problems you have. Friends tell us that they can permit anyone. Don’t let anyone download the story wrongly. We are not allowing anyone to download it here. If you can understand the information and enjoy the movie fully, then tell your friends. We have provided all information about the movie. It is available at yum.

Bhoonataka Mandali (2022) Movie Download 1080p Filmyzilla

We have provided all information regarding the download of the Bhoonataka Mandi (2022) movie to you. Now we will inform you that you can also download it in 1080p. You can easily download the movie in 1080p through Filmy District filmyzilla1 which is a private and excellent organization that allows you to get people to do so. Let me assure you, if you have any problems, you will be held responsible. When you get the download link for a movie, it is giving information to people so they can easily download it. I hope you guys enjoy the movie. It was released on September 30, 2022. This movie has a great drama story that you can watch.


We gave all information regarding the downloading of the Bhoonataka Mandi (2022)movie. Then, tell everyone that we will be seeing you on the date and time we have set. Friends, if you have any problems, you can solve them yourself. You can find information on it here. To be able


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