Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Contestants List, Voting Results & Updates

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Contestants List The famous Telugu television reality series Bigg Boss is set to launch its new season. Bigg Boss Season 9 will begin in September at Annapurna Studios in Hyderabad, hosting Akkineni Nagarjuna inviting and introducing each contestant each one by one. Alongside being telecast the show on Maa TV, the show will also be accessible through Disney+ Hotstar. Numerous names have been tossed around on social media platforms as possible contenders for this season, however, the list is always revised. In any event, we’ve found what appears to be the final list of the top contenders for this season with only two days until the show begins.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Contestants List
Bigg Boss Season 6 Contestant Lists

Sudeepa Raparthi aka Pinky

The character as Pinky in the film Nuvvu Naku Nachav” helped to create Sudeepa the actress an international star. With the help of the legendary producer and actor Mohan Babu, Sudeepa made her acting debut in the 1994 Telugu film M. Dharmaraju M.A. Sudeepa is also a popular performance in Telugu television. She has lately been well-known for her guest appearances in popular Telugu soap operas like Kotha Bangaram, Prathighatana, Mavichiguru, Pasupu Kumkuma, and Aa Okkati Adakku.

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Keerthi Keshav Bhat

Television viewers that watch TV in Telugu, as well as Kannada, know about Keerthi’s work. Keerthi is born and raised in Bangalorean and raised with a passion for cinema and arts was raised and born in Bangalore. She continued her acting and dancing training before entering the Kannada business of television and film. Keerthi has appeared on screen in several Kannada soap movies and soap operas like “Kaneyagiddale,” but her breakthrough role was on”Manasichchi Chdu,” the Telugu show “Manasichchi Chudu.” Keerthi is currently part of the most popular Telugu soap show Karthika Deepam.

Chalki Chanti

Several intriguing contestants of the year Chanti an alias Vinay Mohan. After making himself a stand-up comedian on the popular program Jabardasth, Chanti became a household name. Chanti (real name Vinay Mohan) began his career in the world of business by imitating corporate executives which led to him becoming famous. Before landing a job as a broadcaster in Hyderabad in India, where he took on the name “Chanti,” performing at public events.

Arjun Kalyan

Arjun Kalyan, a programmers with his sights to the skies. When he completed his master’s qualification from the University of Kentucky in the United States, Arjun enrolled in a film acting course within the Neywork Film Academy. The first film he appeared in was an American-produced in the independent Telugu film Chinna Cinema, in which Arjun played the lead role. In the following years, he appeared in a variety of films and web programs, such as Upma Tinesindi, Pseudocide and Unspoken. Arjun also appeared on the film Premam, an Telugu film that starred Naga Chaitanya as well as Sruthi Hasan. Arjun is in the films “Varundu Kaavalenu,” “Pellikuturu Party,” and “Play Back,” which are available for purchase.

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Sri Satya

She was born in and was raised in Vijayawada. After becoming Miss Vijayawada, she continued to pursue the career of modeling and acting. After her appearance in the popular Telugu film Nenu Sailaja as the former lover of the male lead actor in the film, Ram Pothineni, she became famous. Thondara Padaku Sundara Vadhana the web-based serial of hers is also extremely well-liked. Sri Satya has become more famous to Telugu viewers thanks to her role in the well-known Telugu soap series Ninne Pelladatha as well as Trinayani. Recently, she was a guest on Pradeep Machiraju’s show that is non-fiction, Super Queen.

Neha Chowdary

The VJ sportscaster is also a participant in the sixth season of Bigg Boss Telugu. Neha is a fascinating VJ to observe. In addition to her successes with the music show Restart and Restart, she has earned an enviable reputation for her skills as host of Telugu sport show host. She has been trained in gymnastics and is well-known as an athlete. A health and fitness enthusiast believes Bigg Boss is her best shot at reaching her goals.


Srihan is a resident of Hyderabad his home. He is a well-known actor as well as a social media star. The year 2015 saw Shrihan along with his eventual wife Siri Hanmanth were featured in the film “Chari Lover of Sravani.” The Telugu video, “Software Bichhagadu,” was the turning point for him in the course of his. Following the success of that film the filmmaker continued to make short films which he uploaded to YouTube. In the following years, Srihan appeared in the Telugu show “Ammai Cute Abbai Naatu” and “Pitta Goda,” making his debut on television. Srihan was believed to have been as a contestant on Bigg Boss Telugu in earlier seasons, however his ability in keeping viewers amused in the BB house is yet to be observed.

Marina Abraham-Rohit Sahni

Marina Abraham and Rohit Sahni the couple from TV fame are set to make an appearance in Season 6 of the show. They may be joining Varun as well as Vithika as the third celebrity couple to join the Bigg Boss Telugu house in season 3. which is hosted by Nagarjuna Akkineni. American Ammayi was the catalyst that brought Marina into the limelight and she was a part of other popular serials, like Prema. She was also called one of the TV’s most desirable women in The Hyderabad Times. On the other hand, Rohit’s roles on the Telugu soap dramas Neeli Kaluvalu as well as Abhilasha have earned him the status of an international star.

Vasanthi Krishnan

She was in the Telugu film Wanted PanduGod, the young and talented actress is now an instant celebrity. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an under-appreciated rival to her in the current season.

Geethu Royal

Geethu Royal, a.k.a by the name of Galatta Geethu Royal, is a well-known social media influencer as well as a television actor who was born in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. The most well-known of his works are his lip-sync video, Rayalaseema accent, and Vlogs. Following the success with her TikTok lip-sync video, Geethu began to create video content for YouTube along with Instagram. Geethu began to analyze Bigg Boss Telugu online in along with her Radio Jockeying. After a few months it was apparent that her BB critiques were equally popular. She also became a media phenomenon after her appearance on TV. Due to her accent and work in the popular comedy show “Jabardasth,” she became popular almost immediately.


In reality, the model’s initial job was that of an office worker so that he could provide for his family after the death of his father at was only 17. To earn money, Rajsekhar tried his hand in modeling. In the pilot episode Rajsekhar admitted that he was a participant on Big Brother Telugu 6 to discover his identity and gain some recognition.


Baladitya is a man with many talents, is acknowledged by Telugu viewers. The 1990 Telugu comedy Edurinti Mogudu Pellam with actor Rajendra Prasad, Baladitya had an unforgettable debut as an actor in the child stage. He is a part of the popular online show “Agent Anand Santosh,” produced by and featuring BB Telugu five contestant as well as social media star Shanmukh Jaswanth. The famous Telugu actor Kaushik is Baladitya’s younger brother. The well-known T.V. actor had been off the limelight for over five years due to personal reasons. But his return to spotlight with Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 is expected to be exciting.

Abhinaya Shree

Abhinaya Shree’s amazing music “Aa Ante Amalapuram” from Telugu actor Allu Arjun’s sequel, “Arya,” made her a famous name among Telugu fans. Anuradha an established actress in all South Indian languages, has one daughter, with the name Abhinaya Shree. Prior to her breakout with Arya, Abhinaya Shree starred in numerous films, predominantly for Tamil as well as Malayalam in addition to Kannada. Her last major performance is in 2014’s Pandavulu and she could hope that her appearance as a contestant on Bigg Boss Telugu 6 will bring a resounding comeback in the Telugu entertainment industry.


Revanth is a well-known performer, is a possible contender in Bigg Boss Telugu season 6. Revanth is finally making his Big League debut this year which is a huge success, exceeding fans’ expectations. The backup singer was ranked second on the popular television series Super Singer. Revanth However, he became popular due to Indian Idol. His most recent sincere Instagram post revealed his involvement as a judge in BB Telugu 6. The most recently aired season Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Telugu in which Revanth was a part of the cast, he took on an important role as mentor.

Shaani Salmon

Shaani is an experienced Kho Kho actor who earned his first big break in the Telugu film Sye produced by SS Rajamouli in 2004. In 2004, when Shaani was one day into the shooting his mother died. But, Shaani wrapped filming. Shaani also appeared in several different Telugu films. In the first episode film Bigg Boss Telugu 6, Shaani stated that his friends could have been the reason for his name. Shaani believes that Bigg Boss Telugu 6 is his chance to make a return.

Aarohi Rao

Anchor Warangal, Telangana, is home to Anjali who’s true title is Aarohi Rao. She completed her formal education at Hanamkonda and later moved to Hyderabad to make a move in the field of media. The show she hosted, Ismart News, brought her to prominence after having been employed by a variety of media outlets. The show gained a lot of attention due to her distinctive accent and lively personality. She is particularly interested in the food and beverage industry, the ocean, as well as international travel.


After Jabardasth the public is familiar with Faima for her appearances on television. After being selected to be a part of Pataas 2, Faima was later cast in the cult show Pove Pora hosted with Vishnupriya Bheemineni and Sudigaali Sudheer. Then, Faima joined the cast of the popular comedy show Jabardasth which she was an integral part of the comedy routines that were performed by comedy duo Jeevan as well as Bhaskar.

Inaya Sulthana

The actress who is hopeful is an active participant in Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 following her dance video featuring director RGV, who is a source of contention RGV became viral. She claimed she was greeted with an overwhelming amount of hate mail after the video went viral but she was able to get over the negative feedback with encouragement. She is hoping to fulfill the dreams of her father.

RJ Surya

Television viewers in countries that speak Telugu are likely to know RJ Surya. The actor was employed as DJ at a tiny independent FM radio station from the beginning. RJ Surya was a part of many YouTube short films, as well as a web-based series called Flat No. Flat No. 706. Another advantage Surya has is his innate ability to imitate other people. Since he was a youngster the actor has been participating and participating in impersonation contests as well as events. In a variety of Telugu news shows the actor was an impersonator known as “Konda Babu,” quickly becoming a household name and receiving widespread praise.

Adi Reddy

The TV journalist Adi Reddy will be during the series as a contestant. Adi Reddy is quickly rising to fame in the media for his insightful criticisms on Bigg Boss Telugu. The Twitter account of Adi Reddy admitted to his involvement in a recent post. Adi is, just like Sarayu Roy was previously a BB reviewer and it will be interesting to find out whether he will have an impact on the BB this year or if he just duplicates the work of his predecessor.

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