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Bimbisara Movierulz entertainers, but his debut film, a socio-fantasy one ‘ Bimbisara“, which featured Kalyan Ram in a previously un-seen character, set huge expectations for the film, however, the trailer for the film increased the expectations. The film that is highly anticipated was launched today, August 5, 2022. The film is receiving an enthusiastic response from the public and the critics, and, without further delay, let’s take a look at the detailed review and see whether the film is worth your time or not.

Bimbisara Movierulz - Watch Bimbisara 2022

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Bimbisara Movierulz – Bimbisara is split into two timelines. In one, a powerful emperor named Bimbisara declares himself god and demon and governs the kingdom of Trigartala However, he chooses to take over the world and go to war. In another world, a man is portrayed as Bimbisara and a group of criminals attempts to kill him for no reason. But, later, he realizes that he is the sole person who can open Bimbisara’s treasure. Finally, how the two worlds meet is the remainder of the plot.

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Bimbisara Movierulz Movies that are based on fantasy are not new to the Telugu audiences, through senior NTR’s time until Baahubali, we’ve watched a lot of these films However, what’s to be new to us in Bimbisara is the idea of time travel. In contrast to standard time travel. the story is set in a parallel reality that has two timelines not linked. You must see the movie in theaters to see what the director has to say about the two timelines.

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The film opens with an action-packed block and presents the story of Bimbisara The director can take approximately 30 minutes to demonstrate what it takes to be Bimbisara However, the first part of the film continues by featuring Kalyan Ram’s appearance as Bimbisara and a few action sequences and an intermission bang, but the second half is shifted to Hyderabad and starts dull. The film’s story is constantly evolving and keeps the audience interested until the point that Bimbisara is taken over by a character resembling Bimbisara in the final scene.

Bimbisara does not have a unique story but an exciting new perspective and the negative shades of Kalyan Ram’s character make the entire movie fascinating to watch. there are some issues, like the love story isn’t performed well, and certain songs are inserted into the screenplay, some logic isn’t addressed and the acting is excellent of Kalyan Ram. Engaging with certain twists and turns makes them feel less shy.

Kalyan Ram is an absolute star in both characters, his transformation into the character deserves to be celebrated and he is a master at the delivery of dialogue. Bimbisara has a stellar cast, but Viswanandan Varma’s (Prakash Raj) character is the most notable.

Kudos to the director Vashishta to bring this complicated story to the screen, his film is engaging for viewers, however, it would have been better to have concentrated on creating Papa’s character.

Technically Bimbisara is more impressive, even though Chota K. Naidu’s aesthetics are great The majority of the scenes are a hefty color scheme and M.M. Keeravani does not have many songs but showcases his talents in the background music and other sections perform well.

Then, Bimbisara is a good social-fantasy movie that is enjoyable for everyone in the audience.


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