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Carter 2 Release Date Even more, even though the movie in question had all the ingredients to be a big blockbuster, the idea of a movie not doing well at the box office continues to fascinate movie buffs and film historians. John Carter was the latest film to be distributed in the United States by Disney. At the time, Disney was preoccupied with the development of its Marvel Cinematic Universe. Stanton presented his concept for John Cart 2 release date. He suggested that the film be titled Gods of Mars.

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Carter 2 Release Date

John Carter’s adverse and mostly financial reaction has been more widely known than the film itself. Andrew Stanton directed the film, which would have been the start of a series. It had so much potential it seemed impossible to disappoint. The film Stanton had waited decades to make finally debuted on March 9, 2012, to disappointing box office results, and negative reviews from critics.

Carter 2 Release Date

The studio wouldn’t have considered that the movie was a financial success if they hadn’t compared its worldwide earnings of $284 millions to the $300 million production cost. It was over. There was no hope of creating a new series of science fiction. People who saw the film and were impressed by it thought long and hard about why it was a commercial failure. Uninterested people dismissed it as another failed attempt to make money in Hollywood.

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Carter 2 Storyline

If you are unfamiliar with the film, or want to quickly review it, here is the basic plot. The story begins in 1868, when John Carter (a Confederate Army captain who Taylor Kitsch plays) discovers an extraterrestrial Medallion while on the run from Union forces. He is mistakenly transferred to Mars by the medallion. Carter discovers that Carter’s increased athletic abilities are due to his high bone density. This, combined with Mars’ lower gravity, makes Mars seem like Barsoom.

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Soon thereafter, the human soldier, who had become hopelessly confused, came face-to-face with a group known as Tharks led by Tars Tarkas. Carter doesn’t know about the social turmoil that is sweeping Mars. He and Dejah Thoris, the Red Martian princess (Lyn Collins), find themselves caught in the middle of conflict between different Martian races. The shape-shifting Therns, led by Matai Shang (played well by Mark Strong), add to the complications. This leads to a deadly struggle across many fronts. After convincing Shang that he is dead, Carter makes his way back to Mars and overcomes an old hurdle that kept him on Earth.

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John Carter is the story of John Carter, an American Civil War soldier who turns into a treasure hunter during the years that follow the war. Edgar Rice Burroughs is a fictionalized version (for the sake of narrative) of his uncle and learns of the bizarre circumstances surrounding his uncle’s death. He then inherits John’s estate.

Edgar found John’s journal during his Mars stay, which the natives refer to as Barsoom. Edgar found John’s notebook after going through John’s belongings. The viewer is then sent to Barsoom to follow John’s journey, from his accidental landing on Earth to his ascent to the post of helping to defeat a warlord. John Carter’s captivating idea was a great opportunity to create a new action-adventure series at Disney. It would be similar in popularity to Pirates of the Caribbean. The box office statistics were then revealed.

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Carter 2 Release Date Budget

John Carter is considered one of the most financially disastrous films in cinema history, considering how much it made at the box office. The film grossed only $73 million in the United States, and $211 million worldwide. This is far below its estimated budget of $250 million.

To make this amount of money, it took four months to complete in the United States and three more months abroad. It had a horrible opening weekend in America, making just $30 million and then losing money each weekend thereafter. It is clear that John Carter was not a film for the masses.

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