Cobra Review – Cobra is interesting to watch in parts

Cobra Review Though the plot of the film is simple, Cobra starts interestingly because it’s narrated by a nonlinear screenplay that keeps you guessing at what will unfold next in the tale. Some moments in the initial half of the movie are captivating and the interlude scene adds to the suspense. The latter portion of the film gets lost and becomes more predictable. Certain action scenes in the finale are enjoyable. To fully appreciate why Vikram’s dream points and his various looks throughout the film, you need to go to theaters. We don’t want to ruin your enjoyment by divulging everything within this article.

Cobra Review

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Cobra Review – Chiyan Vikram is once more proving the reason why people love him for his versatility in acting. The appearance of his many costumes is not particularly remarkable in some shots but, when we watch Vikram’s performance, we overlook these small flaws. Srinidhi Shetty appears to be a good fit for her role. Cricketer Irfan Pathan is featured as a key character and manages to play his part in a few scenes, however, his lack of experience is evident in other scenes. Roshan Mathew shines in how he performs in the role of the antagonist. Robo Shankar makes us laugh in certain scenes. Mrinalini Ravi and the other actors performed their roles very well, as was necessary.

Technically Cobra is very good. Director of Music A.R. Rahman composed gorgeous songs in this film, but the track ‘Tarangini’ is my personal favorite. One of the most memorable aspects of the movie is the music background composed by Rahman that raises the mood of the film as high as they want to and is in tune with the moods that are displayed on the screen. Harish Kannan’s cinematography looks good but is not exactly satisfying, scenes shot in foreign locales appear stunning on the screen. The production values are excellent however the team behind the film appears to have paid little more attention to VFX. The battle scenes composed by Dilip Subbarayan are sure to attract the general public.

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Ajay Gnanamuthu, who earlier presented Demant Colony and Anjali CBI were able to partially succeed in engaging the audience again. Although there’s nothing new in the story of the film, however, he managed to entice the audience with his script.

In the end, Cobra is an interesting film to watch in small parts and it seems to stand against Chiyan Vikram’s previous film releases on the big screen.


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