Covid infections in UK continue to fall

The number of people suffering from coronavirus within the UK continues to decrease, Office for National Statistics (ONS) statistics reveal.

The most recent data estimated that 1.7 million individuals – or one-in-40 of us had tested positive just two weeks in the past.


It’s a huge drop in comparison to 3.5 million at the beginning of July. School breaks could be one reason.

Fewer people die from Covid and being admitted to hospital for the disease is also declining.


It is important to note that the ONS infection survey examines an undetermined number of homes to detect the virus, therefore their numbers aren’t in any way affected because most of us haven’t been tested at all.

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The study shows that the virus is increasing across all age groups and regions across the UK. Only in the northeast of England and among older teens/young adults do we see signs that the drop may have slowed off.

The cases are largely made up of one of the more recent versions from the Omicron variant, known in the form of BA.4 and BA.5 Together, they account for 19 of 20 cases.

The decrease in infections is a welcome change but attention has already turned to winter and how NHS can cope with a rise in Covid along with other infections like flu.

The UK has become the first country to have approved the dual-strain Covid vaccine, which will be available in the coming month.

Sarah Crofts, head of analysis outputs for the ONS’s Covid-19 Infection Survey stated: “Infections have continued to drop across the UK at levels last observed in mid-June.

“Our most recent data shows that the decreases in all age groups across England including the lowest rates seen in children.

“We will continue to monitor the data closely to understand the impact of the summer holidays.”

In the UK in the UK, the ONS estimates the UK Covid rates as:

  • One in 40 people in England This is down from one per 25 by the close of July
  • One in 40 people in Wales This is down from one-in-30 at the close of July
  • One in 50 people live in Northern Ireland – down from one in 17 at the close of July
  • One out of 30 in Scotland which is down to one per 20 by the close of July
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