Deepika Padukone Skin Care Products – Launches 2 New Products Under Herself Care Brand 82 E

Deepika Padukone Skin Care Products – Launches 2 New Products Under Herself Care Brand 82E

Deepika Padukone Skin Care Products

DeepikaPadukone Skin Care Products- She Launches 2 New Products under Herself Care Brand82 0E. Today we will be discussing Deepika Padukone’s launch of two new products for the skin. We will tell you what the products are and how they are made. This article contains detailed information about each product.

Deepika Padukone Skin Care Products Launches 2 Products Under Herself Care Brand, 82 E

Deepika Padukone has launched her own brand of self-care, 82degE. Deepika Padukone will launch her brand with a skincare range this month. It will feature Indian ingredients. With her new brand, the actor wants to make skincare a routine. Deepika posted on Instagram that she was introducing her brand. Deepika shared a promo clip featuring her and other models using products from the new 82degE skincare line. The brand’s name, Eighty-Two East is pronounced Eighty-Two East. It was named after the meridian which runs longitudinally through India and determines the country’s standard time.

Deepika Padukone joined Kim Kardashian and Brad Pitt to name a few. She also launched her own skincare brand called ’82degE’. Named eight-two east, the name is a focus on skincare. This shocking announcement by Deepika, a Bollywood actor, was made the Cartier brand ambassador earlier in the day. Deepika teased her fans last summer, but this is the perfect indication that she was onto something.

Deepika Padukone Statement

“Regardless of where I may be in the world, practicing simple acts of self-care consistently helps me feel grounded and my best. Through 82degE, my goal is to inspire all of us to find our authentic selves by encouraging humble and consistent self-care.

“Our range of skincare products is the first step in this direction. They have been carefully sourced, carefully crafted, and clinically tested to ensure that you can create simple, joyous, and effective daily rituals that care for your skin’s health.

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Its philosophy is to take small, consistent steps in order to achieve lasting results. 82degE, like DP’s Live Love Laugh Foundation which focuses on mental and conscious health, believes in conscious crafting products that combine holistic practices with the most recent innovations. It offers clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and clinically tested products.

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