Disease X Virus Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Expert Views

Disease X Virus “disease” refers to “Disease X” is used to describe the unidentified damage that unknown viruses cause to human health. This is a very serious cause. It is believed that the World Health Organization (WHO) has put Disease X virus on a short list of pathogens classified as a major research priority. The list contains well-known killer diseases like SARS or Ebola.

Disease X virus

According to reports The nation was able to record an incident of haemorrhagic Crimean-Congo fever in the month of March. Patient was woman who was returning from Central Asia. In recent times there has been a rise in cases of avian flu. United Kingdom has also reported an rise of Lassa disease and Avian influenza cases.

According to reports medical professionals are quoted as sayingthat “We’re experiencing a brand new pandemic zone,” and adding that the “Disease X” may be just across the horizon. “Disease X” refers to the idea that is proclaimed by WHO World Health Organization (WHO) that a massive global pandemic could be caused by an organism that is currently not yet known to cause human disease.

Disease X Virus Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Expert Views

Prof. Mark Woolhouse, an infectious disease epidemiologist at the University of Edinburgh, told an article within the United Kingdom that the early 21st century was the perfect time to witness outbreaks of infectious diseases. He said it was reasonable to think that the outbreaks would last.

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Disease X Virus Signs

Recently, a woman who was living in an small village within the Democratic Republic of the Congo noticed signs of hemorrhagic disease. She was tested for a variety of diseases which included Ebola but none of the tests came back positive for the illness. Researchers are worried that this could indicate an undiscovered and possibly deadly virus.

The incident was a source of fear among the rumours and hypotheses including “what would happen if the woman was the ‘case zero’ of ‘DiseaseX?” The woman’s physician was quoted as saying “We all have to be concerned,” according to sources. She stated that “we should be worried about the emergence of new diseases” since each of Ebola along with Covid-19, were unknown illnesses before they were identified.

As per Professor Tamfum the new pathogen is more deadly in comparison to Ebola or Covid-19. Then, the statement has been circulated in the media around the world, which has caused a number of people to ask if this “Disease called X” is a new illness. But I am sure that you’re already aware of the reaction.

Prof. Tamfum was also concerned that there may be an exponential increase in pandemic illnesses in the near future. Zoonotic diseases are those that are transmitted from animals to humans. He suggested that diseases like rabies, influenza and yellow fever were passed from animals to human. Particularly, he spoke of the flu. The author states that such events are not uncommon and could lead to pandemics or epidemics in the near future.

Disease X Expert Views

Dr. Richard Hatchett, CEO of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) says the following: Disease X might seem like science fiction, but it’s an event we need to prepare for. “Disease X is something we have to prepare to deal with.” Disease X is part of an illness list of which World Health Organization (WHO) considers as top priorities for developing and research. This list includes illnesses like Ebola, Zika, and coronavirus diseases in 2019. Unpredictable outbreaks of infectious disease (Disease”X) have in the past caused a shake in the faith of medical professionals as well as caught medical profession off of their guard.

Although some authors have pointed to Zika as an Disease X, other experts have said that COVID-19 that was due to the acute respiratory coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) was able to meet the criteria for being regarded as being the first Disease X. It was stated despite the fact that certain authors have described Zika as an Disease X. One possible scenario is that COVID-19 as well as other prior pandemics could have been weaker versions of what will eventually be the most widespread type that is Disease X. This can be based upon the idea of the idea that COVID-19 along with other pandemics are asymptomatic in cycles.

Disease X Virus Details

It is believed the possibility that “pathogen X” is the cause of disease X. It is expected that this particular illness is a zoonosis, and most likely be an RNA-based virus. It’s likely to have started in a location that has the right combination of risk factors increases the likelihood of long-term transmission.

In the wake of the Ebola outbreak that took place in 2014 The WHO was criticized for not responding quickly enough in response to epidemics like this. Due to its small budget and weak political influence, the WHO generally is unable to effectively and quickly to stop disease spread.

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