Fable Co-Creator Says He ‘Ripped Off’ Devil May Cry to Create the Xbox RPG’s World

The first story might have looked completely different prior to the time creator Dene Carter turned to an unlikely source of inspiration: Devil May Cry.

Fable Co-Creator Says He 'Ripped Off' Devil May Cry to Create the Xbox RPG's World

“When you’re lost, take it away,” he said via Twitter. “100 percent rip it off from a different game.”

Of obviously, Fable doesn’t make that claim – at a minimum, it’s not the way you’re thinking. The ideas, themes and plot that shaped the 2004 RPG are completely different to Devil May Cry… However, the game’s creator admitted that the game was spiraling out of control before he went to DMC for a better understanding of the game’s objectives.

“How was it that the globe of Fable get to be that big? Since I’d played [Devil’s May Cry] earlier and saw that the world was similar to 82 zones” he said. “It did not seem overly large. It reused and recontextualised different the areas. It was effective for a small, but very high-quality game.”

Carter continues to describe the way in which this aids. In essence, he duplicated the way DMC used the zones to map the entire landscape of Albion.

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“I literally determined the amount of zonesin each, as well as the dimensions of each zone, and the time averaged in those zones and used that information to completely block out the world that was Albion,” he said. “At the time, we were going through a trough and convinced that we had to come up with something big (whatever it was).”

It’s like Fable creators had an expansive idea. In reality, Carter refocused the game’s development with the potential of DMC in the back of his mind… There were other influences, too.

“Literally replicating the style of DMC and the density of interaction that was present in Silent Hill, and the design of the encounters in the first Way of the Samurai changed Fable from being a floppy endless death march to something that we could actually complete without ever having ever worked on an actual 3D video game.”

In the review from IGN, Fable has it rated 9.3/10 and read: “Fable opens a door to you, allowing you to discover the amazing treasure the concept of an open-world with competing heroes and NPC interactions could provide -however, it’s not able to let you in. There are many amazing ideas in the game, but they’re not fully realized. While playing I was constantly thinking “Why didn’t they think of this or that? and yet, at my end I had fun playing Fable which to me this is what makes the difference.”

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