Facebook users can soon create up to five profiles

Facebook will allow some druggies to have multiple biographies as part of a trial, the company blazoned moment, motioning a significant change as new ways to encourage druggies to stay on the platform come amid growing competition from meta rivals. looks for ways.


As part of the test, some Facebook druggies can produce up to four fresh biographies linked to their original account. The idea is that fresh biographies can be used for a variety of purposes, similar to one for musketeers, one for associates, and for interacting with other interest groups and influencers. druggies will still have an account, but they can change biographies in just many clicks.

According to spokesperson Leonard Lamm, biographies will be subject to Facebook programs, and a violation of one profile will affect the entire account. Lam says,” To help people confirm their experience grounded on interests and connections, we are testing a way for people to link multiple biographies to the same Facebook account. Whoever Facebook druggies must continue to follow our rules.”

druggies creating fresh biographies won’t be needed to use their real identity for their display name. As long as the option does not violate platform programs and does not include figures or special characters, says Lamm. Facebook’s rule that regard holders must use a name they use in real life has been the subject of contestation for times, egging legal action in Germany.

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