Jaan Bujh Kar Part 2 (Voovi) Web Series Release Date, Cast ,Actor Name, Role Play Name ,Story Trailer, & More

Jaan Bujh Kar (Voovi). Web Series Release Date. Hello friends, today we are going to discuss a person who has been waiting for a while. We tell you that it was part one and that it was released on 19 August 2022. The second episode will be available on 23 September 2022. So let us tell you that you and I will both get to watch this web series. We will let you know that Deepak Dutt Sharma will be supporting them in this episode. This will allow you to learn more about the other works of art that I have done. We believe that only complete information is available to you, so we have created this article. Let’s get to it, friends. We also discuss the details of this web series to you guys. So, let’s discuss this web series in detail below so you can easily understand Part 2.

Jaan Bujh Kar Part 2 (Voovi) Web Series

Jaan Bujh Kar Part 2 (Voovi) Web Series Details

Let’s tell you, this is part 2 of the web series that we and you will be able to view on the app. Then, let us inform you, that this release date has been confirmed through the Volvo app. Also, the episode’s teller will tell you, that it was written in the previous episode. Let us first tell you about the 23 September release. Then let us let you know that we received the information and that you can view it on the Voovi app on 23 September 2022.

We will let you know. This episode runs for about 35-40 minutes. You can see it here. Let’s also tell you, this has drama, romance, and all that. This web series is for those who love drama and romance. You can go with her to a stranger and tell her that you will stay with her. We will then tell you more about the story. Then we will tell the people. The table contains all the details.

Title NameJaan Bujh Kar Part 2
Release date23 September 2022
Running time35-40 M
OTT PlatformVoovi OTT Platform
GenreDrama, Romance
Watch onlineVoovi OTT Platform
CastJinnie Jaaz, Deepak Dutt Sharma

We have provided you with all the information regarding Part 2 of the web series. We hope you enjoy this information. We have done this so that you will not have any difficulty getting to know your people. Then let us tell you that we will also be able to show you some entertainment web series online. It is always presented in front of people. We keep trying to make it easy for you to get the information you need. To learn more

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Jaan Bujh Kar Part 2 (Voovi) Web Series Cast

We are here to tell you, that if you don’t know the stars of the Part 2 web series, you will see Jinnie Jaaz as well as Deepak Dutt Singh Ji. Let people know that Deepak Datia Jinnie Jaaz will be killed if a web series is made by Mari. This is because roleplay is performed through these actors. As if they were performing their roleplay or roleplay in real life, these two actors roleplay. And let us tell ya that the judge will decide if any web series is released.

As if Tehelka died and Tehelka died in such a manner that people are very emotional when they see their website. A lot of thought goes into their minds and until that web series is released, their web series continues to be used by the audience. We have made it available to the same audience as it is being searched for information about when and where it will appear on watch online. Let us first tell you who the stars are in this series. We have done our best to do this through this list.

  • Jinnie Jaaz
  • Deepak Dutt Sharma

You have been learning a bit about Jinniejaaz and Deepak Dutt Singh Ji. This is part 2 of the web series. The star cast will be visible because we can tell you the names of unknown people. However, we cannot discuss his name so we will only tell you about these two actors. We will update this post to reflect your feedback.

Jaan Bujh Kar Part 2 (Voovi) Web Series Actors Name/ Role Play Name

We will tell you the information. If you would like to know the name and roleplay name for part 2 of the web series, you can do so through this article. Because we tell people that the roleplaying of Jinnie Jaaz will see you playing the role of Bindiya. You can tell people that Bindiya is married to Deepak Dutt Sharma. I will also be able to see Deepak Dutt Ji.

Actors NameRole Play Name
Jinnie JazzLidiya
Deepak Dutt SharmaPati
Jaan Bujh Kar Part 2 (Voovi) Web Series

We have attempted to tell the story of the star cast through you guys. Let us tell ya, that we tried to give you the details of each roleplay so you guys could know their names. Let us now tell you the story of it, which you and I will be able to see in Part 2.

Nagma Mirajkar Viral Video

Aashika Bhatia Viral Video

Garima Chaurasia Viral Video

Avneet Kaur Viral Video

Sameeksha Sud Viral Video

Jaan Bujh Kar Part 2 (Voovi) Web Series Story

Let’s tell you, we and your people will discuss what we and we will see in the Part 2 web series. But, let us tell you, you and I will see more of the story in Part 2. We will tell you, that Deepak Sharma Ji keeps a shop and opens a grocery.

You will meet all sorts of people in this area. You will see the goods, but it is also possible to meet people who are afraid to introduce a stranger to their wives. It is possible to get to work or his office by the same route from his shop. But, let’s tell you, Deepak Dutt Singh Ji, who lives, calls his wife and says, “We will bring you to meet Urban Babu.” However, his wife, who also lives, tells him that it is only a matter of a day when his wife calls. You had stated that Urban Babu would be introduced soon. Then Deepak Dutt Singh Ji (who lives) says that sometimes you can entertain yourself with your mind. This way, we and you will see the story. After Deepak Dutt Shah Ji has come to his shop, all his babus are gone.

But his wife is not able to go with him. We will tell you the whole story. You and we will only know when we watch the episode. We tell you that Deep Dutt Sharma Ji, who is a living, must meet Shahri Babu. If he can’t meet Shahri Babu, then we and you both will learn about us and each other when you see the story. But, we let you know that the people who are BF have said that they will allow you to view it online on September 23rd, 2022. You should have your subscription if you want to see this series. No matter what the difficulty level, we can assure you that once you subscribe you will be able to watch all of the web series you missed. Do not delay and get your subscription now to enjoy these web series.

Jaan Bujh Kar Part 2 (Voovi) Web Series Trailer

We have told you everything about Part 2 and we want you to know that the tailor will be present here. This trailer will give you an idea of what you will see in the web series. Let us tell you, if it is, that Taylor will be presented here. This will allow you to easily see what you and I want to see in Part 2. This is where you can meet what isn’t to be seen. You will see Deepak Dutt Singh and Jinnie Jaaz in great detail and their art.

We are going to tell you about Deepak Dutt Singh Ji, who lives in my shop. I am unable to introduce my wife to him because I live in an affair with that urban babu. But we tell you that Deepak Sharma Ji, who lives in my shop, says that sometimes he Entertain you from your heart. This is all we have to share with you.


We have provided all information regarding Part 2’s web series. I am sure you will find no problems because we have given you every detail. However, as we have already told you about the star cast release date, and we only shared this information through social media, let me tell you that RSKG does NOT provide any medicine to correct this.

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