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Kantara Movierulz (HTML0) Rishabh Shetty was not just the one who wrote the screenplay and storyline for the film, but also directed the film. As sane as Moratu was as a young man his appearance was stunning as the beautiful Sambhutu as he performed Bhoota Koala. His screams aren’t just echoing in the theater if God is on the stage. The impact was so powerful.

Kantara Movierulz - Watch Kantara 2022

The film has once more demonstrated that the presence of regional heroines in movies that focus on regional areas is a major plus. The leading lady Saptami Gowda was extremely natural and pure. Fits well for the role.

Senior actor Achyut Kumar’s character, could be recognized however, how the character is created is amazing. The tension generated by Kishore’s character is intriguing. Kishore’s screen presence and acting as an egoistic officer are impressive. All of the actors are excellent in their roles.

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Technical performance

Kantara Movierulz The music director Ajanish Loknath is an important film asset. The film was taken to the next level by incorporating his music and sound design. The background score from Bhoota Kola is heart-pounding. The fusion blend of Carnatic musical instruments and the alchemy created by the voice is incredible. How the story is elevated by ambient music is admirable.

Arvind S. Kashyap’s cinematography is a distinct feature of the film. The film’s presentation as a visual delight that isn’t repeated in the confines of a single location isn’t commonplace. Particularly, the way that the final 20 minutes are romantically shot will give the viewer an amazing cinematic experience.

The technical departments such as production design art, costumes, and make-up have all provided their best.

Let’s discuss Rishabh Shetty as the film’s protagonist director and narrator. It’s a huge risk to select an unpopular culture of today’s generation for an idea for a story. It’s not an everyday feat to tell an amazing story with no effort, merely give attention to the report, assume the role of the main character, and bring life to the persona. Rishabh has proven that miracles can be made when you are a believer in stories and not just technicalities. He showcased his skills as a filmmaker and storyteller when he directed the movie Kantara on a small canvas.

The story, in particular, isn’t unique. I’ve seen many films like this however how the story is conceived and how God portrays God is admirable. It is important to note it is the best and most meticulous film with regard to sound design and production in recent years. Rishabh has been able to succeed 100% in providing unimaginable cinematic experiences to viewers as a storyteller, director as well as and actor. The question isn’t whether the film is going to win an award. National Award, but it is a film that has been well-crafted and the jury determines the number to award.


We shouldn’t ignore our past. We must not forget our identity. “Kantara” is a film that does this extremely well. It’s not a stretch in saying that the film “Kantara” is not enough to watch two times in a theater because of the incredible soundtrack, sound effects composed by Ajanish Loknad as well as acting director from Rishabh, Bhoota Koala episodes, and the last 20 minutes. “Kantara” is a must-watch film for any movie lover.


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