LadyFinger Part 2 (ullu) Web Series Release date, Story, Cast, Trailer & more

LadyFinger Part 2 (ullu) Web Series Date of release

LadyFinger Part 2 (ullu) Web Series Release Date Today we’ll provide you with all the details about the date of release for the Lady Singer Part 2 web series and the story behind it as well as all the details regarding the trailer, and about the cast of its stars, and today we will inform you the date and time date the season was released. Which OTT platform will be discovered, what’s its duration and who are the star members, and how much time do you need to dedicate to this season? You will find all the details about these and more on this website. On our website, you will be able to know more, and then our friends, we’ve provided all information regarding it to the public via the internet so that you can get all the details about it, and then we will tell our readers. Please let us know you’re with us, you should stay in touch till the very end, and you’ll be able to be aware of all the details about it in detail.

LadyFinger Part 2 (ullu) Web Series Date of release

In this article, we will give you all the details regarding the date for the release of the Ladyfinger Part 2 web series When and on what date the season will air and when it will be released and the country in which it is released, the run time and the language it is in. What exactly is it, who is the director and who is the producer, and who are the main characters, we’ve given you the details regarding all of these in a straightforward manner so that you can have all the details about it thoroughly. If you can understand how to get there, then you will surely read the following table.

Title Name

LadyFinger Part 2

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Date of release

11 October 2022

Ott Platform

Ullu App


Romance, Drama







Time for running

35-40 Minutes


Coming Soon


Full HD

Star Cast

Ayushi Jaiswal, Mahi Kaur, Pallavi Debnath, Peeyush Suhaney.

LadyFinger 2. (ullu) Series Web Series Date of release

In the table above We have shared everything you need to know about the Lady Finger web series, the season is scheduled to be released to the public on the 11th of October 2022. If you’re looking at the season online, then inform your people. You can watch the whole season on the Ullu OTT platform. If you’re not a subscriber to the Ullu OTT platform now, then I’ll tell you that you can subscribe to the platform as soon as you can and be awed by it to the max. If you can see characters who are in the story, then it is told through romance drama, which is why you have to block out 40 minutes from the event for this. If you spend that much time, only you and your friends can view the entire season. It is possible to watch and see in this ICU Jaiswal as well Mahi Kumar as well as Pallavi’s death as well as Piyush Sonia. If you’re getting the artist. Let us inform you that the whole season will be watched by all the artists and you’ll witness this. We are sure you will have a blast.

LadyFinger Part 2 (ullu) Web Series Release date

LadyFinger Part 2 (ullu) Web Series Cast

We will inform all of you about the main performers of the Lady Finger Part 2 web series. Who are the actors that are part of the series, and friends inform that you’ll watch very talented performers in the? You can also get all the details about the artists. We have listed the names of each of these artists in one place and if you want to know the names of all artists, then go through the information given.

  • Ayushi Jaiswal,
  • Mahi Kaur,
  • Pallavi Debnath,
  • Peeyush Suhaney.

In the previous Arvind, we’ve provided all the details about the stars from the Lady Fingerpart 2 web series in full detail for you all. who are interested in the show. be able to invite ICU Jaiswal Mahar-like artists to the opportunity to watch you in the show. You will meet, and you can get all the details about the actors in this series and we can inform you is a wonderful romance hot drama is being presented to you during this season. And through the drama, you will be captivated and will inform that the plot is very interesting and thrilling.

LadyFinger Part 2 (ullu) Web Series Story

We are now going to provide the details to all of you on the plot of Lady Finger Part 2 web series, which will be told in the show. Friends informed us that this series is treated to an excellent story that describes the tale of the lady. In this, you’ll be able to watch two wives and their husbands, and it is recommended that we can tell our loved ones that in the women are two women who are stunning and all the husbands are very attracted to their appearance. Being attracted to the man, he’s seen having a great time with them. Tell them that the tale in this is very enjoyable and filled with romance and it is evident that both of the men are there. There are lots of individuals who are crazy behind this woman. And when you come to know that she’s an extremely immoral woman who appears to be focused on the name of money, then I’ll inform you that if I learn of this that she is a woman, the man is too harsh on her and she will also go to his wife to say that we’d like to apologize to her for the error. should not happen again, they both get caught up around each other and begin to talk to each other. In the same way, there is a story being told in this, so if you can see the story, then are going to get plenty of enjoyment out of the film for more details about it you can check out the tailoring, and we’ve also placed the trailer to show you.

LadyFinger Part 2 (ullu) Web Series Trailer

We will now inform you everything about the trailer for Ladyfinger Part 2 web series If you have not watched the trailer of this before, then this is the day to check it out the trailer that you can watch. Let people know that the teller is available via YouTube and you can understand its entire story via YouTube and even see the tailoring that you will love immensely in its trailer. You also told your friends that you should all go and watch the trailer, which we’ve put the trailer for them in front of you.

LadyFinger 2. (ullu) Series Web Series Date of release

Friends, we’ve made the trailer of Lady Finger Part 2 web series for the viewers and you can thoroughly enjoy it through the movie which is a bit slick you could also find it on YouTube and you can watch it. we have tried to present the trailer for this series on this page to allow you to go through 12 episodes Don’t forget to inform people that the story in this series is extremely good and interesting and you are extremely talented. It will be filled with romance and, through it, you’ll also experience drama, and you will have a great time watching it. So dear friends, please don’t hesitate and by absorbing all the information available about the show, you will be able to take advantage of it. It is also possible to Watch Online which season you can watch on the Ullu OTT platforms.

LadyFinger Part 2 Web Series Watch Online On ullu App

Let us inform everyone regarding Lady Finger Part 2 Web Series Watch Online. If you want to watch season 1 online, then you’ll be able to watch it on any auditory platform and tell us you’d like to stream this season 1 online. If you’re interested in watching the season, you can stream it online via Watch Online Owl. Watch Online Owl OTT platform that is a web-based series that airs every month via the Ullu OTT platform. This will leave you extremely satisfied. If you are a fan of this, let me inform you that if you haven’t yet signed up for the OTT platform, you should sign up immediately and you can enjoy the entire season, which is extremely enjoyable for you. You can watch romantic scenes and inform that some very talented actors are available in this, and then we can tell you that you’re receiving actors such as ICU Jaiswal Kunwar as well as Pallavi Devnath. and then let us assure you that you can view all of the web-based series with all of these actors. My heart will rejoice.


Friends, we have provided all the information regarding Ladyfinger Part 2 web series to you all which includes when and on which date the season will be released, which season will be to which OTT platform, the stars working on it, and so we’ve provided you with all the details regarding all of this was clearly explained If you find any errors in the information or you want to alter the information contained in it, then do not give us any contacts who are in it. We too communicate all the information on the Internet so that you have access to all the information you need about it. It is easy and good


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