Malone Repeats, Nine Named to National Teams

Malone Repeats, Nine Named to National Teams Brody MaloneSuccessfully defended his all-around crown during his twenty-two OOFOS U.S. Gymnastics Championships on Saturday night at the Amalie Arena. The 2020 Olympian’s score of 176.590 was helped through the bonuses system that the U.S. men’s program implemented earlier this year, led to the competition with more than five marks. He also had strong performances in the vertical bar (30.088) as well as floor exercises (29.732) to earn two gold medals and finished second in pommel horse (29.578).

Olympic bronze medalist Donnell Whittenburg secured all-around silver with a 171.571 beating Stanford freshman Asher Hong who finished third with 171.210. 171.210. Hong was the top competitor in vaulting with the highest score of 33.460 as well as Stanford graduated Curran PhillipsHong topped the leaderboards of parallel bars, scoring 33.948 after recording 16.999 as well as 16.949 scores on days two and day one and two, respectively. Hong also came in the second spot on floors (29.458) as well as third place on rings (29.532).


After the finals of the competition after competition, the seniors’ Senior Men’s National Team and the men’s Senior Development Team were selected for 2023’s Winter Cup. Alongside Malone, Hong, and Phillips from Stanford on the Senior National Team are Phillips, Malone, and Hong from Stanford. Taylor Burkhart, Ian Lasic-Ellis, Riley Loos, Blake Sunand Colt Walker. Stanford rising junior Jeremy BischoffWas named as a member of being part of the Senior Development Team.

Walker recorded a score of 169.049 to be sixth overall in the all-around competition, however, Burkhart (165.425) Basic-Ellis (164.050), and Loos (163.408) were ranked between eighth and 10th place and 10th, respectively. Bischoff was also among the top twenty in the field with the 155.600 two-day total to finish 20th overall.


Participating on bars with parallels as well as pommel horses, Sun posted a pair of top-three finishes – finishing 3rd on the parallel bar (30.297) and finishing fourth place on pommels (27.550).

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With Hong being the leader, Stanford gymnasts claimed four of the top five vault spots and vault, and Walker (30.194), Loos (30.144), and Burkhart (29.688) placed third through fifth in this order. Also impressive, Stanford gymnasts earned five of the top six places for parallel bars. Phillips was the winner with more than 3 percentage points, being followed by Walker (30.748) and Sun in third and second. Malone (30.042), as well as Hong (29.760), came in sixth and fifth respectively.

In the event of a 2nd place result, Malone and Whittenburg have already qualified for the team representing the U.S. at the 2022 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Liverpool, England this October.

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