Naane Varuvean (2022) Movie Box Office Collection| Day Wise| Budget| hit or flop & more

Naane Varuvean (2022) Movie Box Office Collection Day Wise

Naane Varuvean (2022) Movie Box Office Collection Then I’ll discuss what I am going to tell you about the Day Wise Box Collection of Naane VaruveanMovie, for more information I will tell you when it was released, what’s this Lifetime Box Office Collection of the film and how to make it. I will tell you the story in detail of the budget that was put together, and for more information, who the director is and the director’s name. If you plan to discuss the actors whose performances you can expect to experience and how I will be sure to give you more details. Let me know if you have the title of director for Naane Varuvean’s (2022) Movie Box Office Collection Day Wise and which kinds of actors are you likely to see in this movie. If you are, let me inform you to get information. If you’re looking for more detailed information on Naane Varuvean’s (2022) Movie Box Office Collection Day Wise, you can find out more by reading our post.

Movie NameNaane Varuvean
Date of release29 September 2022
Box Office Collection (Lifetime)Nearly
BudgetNearly 7-11 Crores at Rs 7-11
Then hit or flipComing Soon
DirectorK. Selvaraghavan
Star CastElli AvrRam, Dhanush, Yogi Babu.

Here I will go into detail about the box-off collection from the film Nickel and for the sake of clarity Let me inform you that this film was made by putting around 7 to 100000000 rupees into making this film. movie’s box of the live-action film Hello will cost between 11 and 13 crores. The film will release on the 29th of September in 2022. the director for this movie is K. Selvaraghavan will be the lead actors of the film Elli AvrRam, Dhanush, Yogi Babu. . The acting abilities of these actors will be observed in the film, and they all play their roles exceptionally well. For details, I’ll tell you if you get more details about Naane Varuvean’s (2022) Film Box Office Collection Day Wise. If you’re interested in doing this, you can find out more information via this blog of ours.

Naane Varuvean (2022) Movie Box Office Collection

Naane Varuvean (2022) Movie Budget and hit or fail

In this article, I will reveal to you what budget you have to use for the film, and then I will inform you whether you’ve been prepared and the movie will be telling details about a successful or miss, then I’ll tell you that this film has been made by investing approximately 7-8 eleven million rupees into the preparation of this film, if the box office earnings of this film are higher than this then it can be a successful movie, otherwise the film could be a failure.

Naane Varuvean (2022) Movie details

In this article, I will provide you with all the details about the results that were produced by Naane Varuveanmovie, to give you the details I will tell you the date you were released, what language film is it and the director you need to know about the film. If you plan to provide in-depth information about all the relevant information in the future, then please read on. people, if you are looking for more information regarding Naane VaruveanMovies DJ You can look through the following table quickly. can get information

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Movie NameNaane Varuvean
Date of release29 September 2022
GenreAction Drama, Thriller, Action
Time to run2 Hours 2 Minutes
DirectorK. Selvaraghavan
ProducerS. Thanu
MusicianYuvan Shankar Raja
CinematographerArvind Krishna
QualityFull HD
Star CastElli AvrRam, Dhanush, Yogi Babu.

If you’re planning to write the story of Naane VaruveanMovie Diesel with greater detail, then to get the details we will let you know that the film will release on September 29th, 2022. this is an excellent Tamil film If you’re looking for one. Most people know the Tamil language, but you should go through this film once and you will experience action and drama that you’ll enjoy. You will be able to see Elli AvrRam and Dhanush as the lead actors. , Yogi Babu. The acting skills of all of these actors will be witnessed, as they portray their roles extremely effectively.


The information that we’ve provided to you, we’ve presented after discussing the information with YouTube, Google, and the Internet and you’ll get to learn more about Wise Box for Naane VaruveanMovie. Find information on and are not likely to have problems in finding information, any information you find is 100% accurate to you, I cannot assurance that it will be. If you think we’ve written an error in the content that you let us know by leaving a comment.

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