Odisha’s Higher Education department lifts admission curbs on degree colleges

Odisha’s Higher Education department In all 5 zones in RDE at least 93 institutions, including self-financing institutions and those that are not aided by the HPC the restriction of admission this year following an assessment. HPC.

BHUBANESWAR: One month after it had restricted admissions to degree colleges with no recognition or had issues in many aspects in several areas, the Higher Education department on Friday lifted all restrictions, allowing institutions to admit students during the new academic session in 2022-23.


In a note, to Regional Directors of Education (RDE) of the Balasore, Bhubaneswar, Berhampur, Jeypore, and Sambalpur zones the department announced that it had lifted the admission restrictions imposed on colleges that are willing to accept admissions for students in the session 2022-23 as an ultimatum with the condition of post facto approval from the high-power Council (HPC).

Special Secretary Rajashree Mohanty said the restrictions were lifted after examining requests from educational institutions that face financial difficulties due to two years of Covid-19.
In all five areas of RDE At least 93 colleges, including self-financing and unaided colleges faced restrictions on admissions in the past year, following an examination conducted by the HPC. HPC.


In the Bhubaneswar zone, the admission process into 12 colleges was a matter of restriction by the non-submission of permanent or temporary recognition certificates. In addition to not being recognized that the colleges don’t have enough faculty members.

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According to the Orissa Education Act of 1969 Higher education institutions can operate under temporarily recognized status for six months, and after the seventh year, it is required to submit a formal application for permanent recognition. If the institution is found to be in a situation where there is no permanent recognition for 7 years of operation, the school may be closed, de-recognized, or restrictions on admission. Colleges’ approval is dependent on the satisfaction of all recognition requirements in the Orissa Education Act of 1969 including the availability of sufficient labs, faculty, and basic facilities for students and many more.

The department has requested the colleges that are in default to meet the requirements for recognition by the Orissa Education Act before starting of the next academic session in 2023-24.

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