Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga – Only for few scenes

Release Date : September 02, 2022

proms4u.com Rating : 2.5/5

Starring: Vaisshnav Tej, Ketika Sharma

Director: Gireeshaaya

Producer: BVSN Prasad

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Music Directors : Devi Sri Prasad

Cinematography : Shamdat Sainudeen

Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga

Vaishnav Tej has impressed everyone by his first two films. The actor is now experimenting with to make a family-oriented film titled Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga which has been released on today. Let’s find out how it goes.


Rishi(Vaishnav Tej) and Radha(Ketika Sharma) are part of two closely family members. They are in love, and, when they consider telling their parents about it and their parents, another story of love in their family causes tensions within their relationship. The couple now has to manage the families that are not as united and the main character Vamsi(Naveen Chandra) who runs their girl’s family. What do they do? is the remainder of the story.

Plus Points:

Vaishnav Tej is given a new look with this film . He gets to play the love-struck and excels in his character. He is able to handle the comedy aspect efficiently and is a good fit for the romantic part.

Ketika loses her glamour level and is able to get an acceptable role, and performs quite well. Her relationship with Tej is impressive. Naveen Chandra has a great part in the film and was competent in the role. Chandra adds lots in depth and character to the movie.

The first half is filled with decent comedy. The other highlight was the music of DSP, that was quite good. The supporting actors is a group of well-known actors and they’ve done excellent in their roles. Comedian Satya is very impressive in his role as a cameo.

Minus Points:

One of the main disadvantages of this film is its predictable plot. From the beginning, the romance and family drama-related scenes will bring back memories of a film or other. It is influenced by films such as Ninne Pelladutha Nuvvu Leka Nenu Lenu, Nuvve Kavali along with Rama Rama Krishna Krishna to be precise.

There isn’t any emotional depth in the movie because the drama that is shown an old story. The feelings among two families is exaggerated that you are squeamish in some scenes. The scene in which the leading pair reconcile after having been separated for ten years is ridiculous.

In the second part, it’s a massive disappointment because the events are favorable to the leading team that everything happens in accordance with their wishes. In the final moments, and thanks to one scene that is awe-inspiring the conflict has been resolved and the situation is completely absurd.

Technical Aspects:

The quality of the production are decent and the music composed by DSP was the one thing that saved the film. The dialogues were tortured to death, and so were the screenplays. The production design was excellent and the family setup was nice.

When it comes to the director Gireeshaya his film, he’s done a an extremely disappointing job with the film. The narration, story and screenplay are not up to par and make the audience feel bored. He’s used scenes from several popular Telugu films to create an episode that is uninteresting and boring.

There is absolutely nothing original to the narrative. Stories are basically the same in a variety of films, but the way they are presented is different, however here , everything is just an unintentional swoop because the script follows the standard format.


In the end, Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga is a family-friendly romantic drama with a standard narrative and a dull story. It’s a classic Kichidi of classic Telugu films and has some serious laughter. Other than some decent music, this film is not a new one to display.

Proms4u.com Rating: 2.5/5

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