Shahad Part 2 Web Series All Episodes On Ullu Watch Online

Shahad Part 2 Web Series All Episodes details

Shahad Part 2 Web Series All Episodes On Ullu Watch Online Let me start by telling you all about Shahad part 2. If you have been waiting a while to see it, you can now. This is an excellent part of the Hindi language that you should watch at least once. You will also see romance. It is available online via the Ullu app. You can also give a detailed description of the performances of each artist. You can find the Shahad part 2 details in the table below. The table also contains the relevant information. You can find the information in the form.

Title Name

Part 2 of Shahad

Web series Tittle

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Ishq ka masala hai Jalan zara isme zyada hai Dil ki khathas badhe na Tabhi shehad isme zyada hai

Date of release

23 September





Running time

30-35 M


Romance and Drama

Episode number




OTT Platform

Ullu App


Priya Gamre, Varun Saggar, Prashant Rai, Manju Agarwal

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Let me now tell you about ShahadPart 2’s release date. This party 2 was released on September 23, 2022. Who is its director? There is no information available. It is a party in Hindi and lasts between 30 and 35 minutes. You will see romance and drama. This table contains detailed information. You will find all the information you need by simply reading the table.

Shahad Part 2 Web Series All Episodes

Shahad Part 2 Web Series Episodes Story

Now, I’m going to tell people where you can see the story of Shahad and what you will get to see. Then I will tell you how you can watch Shahad part 2. You can view the entire story by searching YouTube. Let me tell you what you’ll see in the story. Then let me tell ya that her husband would one day live. We see his wife, who is alive, and their new marriage. Then, her husband, who is dead, is discharged. Next, we learn that her husband will be going to the markets the next day. After taking the medicine, he arrives at his wife with a medication. His wife who lives in the area says that today will bring more rain. However, his wife who is a nurse, claims that the thunderclouds do not rain. But let’s tell you, he can’t eat the medicine until he has finished. He is not affected by the rain, but he is still very upset. His brother-in-law, who lives nearby, is also very upset. He looks at his in-laws and says that nothing happens today in the sound of noise. Let us tell you what happened today. But let us also tell you that his brother-in-law sees his wife, who is now sleeping on the cot. The next day, he visits her. He said, “Bring me what you have wounded, and I heal it.” But, let’s tell you, he now goes to the spot of his brother-in-law, which is where he was cut. We will help you plant in the same city. Let’s tell you, his sister-in-law leaves there and he finds some thorns on his bed. She said that this was because he had met these two people and that they should be thanked. We will try to bring you new and exciting things. Let us tell you, I love blogging because I get so much joy in sharing this information with you people. Giving information makes me happy. I have achieved my goal.

Shahad Part 2 Web Series All Episodes

  • Priya Gamre,
  • Varun Saggar,
  • Prashant Rai,
  • Manju Agarwal

I will tell you all about the star cast for ShahadPart 2. If you want to know more about the performances of the actors in the party’s star cast, I will inform you. You will see the performances by Priya Gamre and Varun Saggar and Prashant Rai and Manju Agarwal, the stars of the party.

Shahad Part 2 Web Series All Episodes Trailer

Now, I will tell you that you can watch the trailer for Shahad 2 and what you will see in it. Let me also tell you if Shahad 2 is your favorite part 2. Let me tell you, the trailer for Part 2 can be viewed very easily. This post also contains the trailer. You can view it by clicking the link below. This is a great movie. I won’t have any problems.

Shahad Part 2 Web Series Watch Online on Ullu App

You will now be able to watch Shahad part 2 online. I will also tell you if you can watch Shahad part 2. You can also watch Part 2 online if you wish. It won’t be difficult


We have shared all the information with you so far. It was discussed through YouTube, Google, and the Internet. You can now watch Shahad Part 2 online via which OTT platform. As you can see, you can find detailed information about it. You should not have any problems finding the information. However, the information I have provided is correct to the best of my knowledge.


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