Signs of heart disease may be more subtle in women than men

The signs of heart disease the top killer — can seem more subtle, and diverse for women than men as per a study published on Thursday Thursday in Circulation, the American Heart Association journal Circulation.

Signs of heart disease

Being aware of the distinct symptoms is especially important for women. Corrine Jurgens, the editor of the study as well as an Associate Professor at Boston College’s Connell School of Nursing at Boston College, said that women are typically identified with heart problems later in life than men, even though they may also have other illnesses that make recognizing subtle signs of heart disease difficult.

Furthermore is that a study for 2020 released in Circulation reported that awareness has declined over the last 10 years of women about heart disease, which is their most significant health risk.

“Many women are concerned about their breast cancer risk, and they perceive that as their greatest health threat,” said Dr. Deirdre Matina, a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic. However “we know that one in three women are going to die of heart disease” each year.

Both for men and women the signs of heart issues seldom occur in isolation.

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“Symptoms often occur in clusters,” Jurgens explained. “Very rarely does someone come in with just one symptom?”

Even though cardiac emergencies that are sudden such as heart attacks or stroke, instance, are likely to occur without warning, many of the symptoms become worse as time passes.

Mattina stated that patients suffering from heart disease, might not be in a position to walk as long as they did previously, or even a gradual decrease in their ability to breathe complete breaths.

“We’re looking for a pattern,” Mattina stated.

These are commonly used methods for six heart conditions that are seen in patients.

Heart attack

A heart attack happens when the blood flow to the cardiac muscle becomes cut off or significantly diminished.

Chest pain is the most common sign, however other signs related to heart attacks may be less obvious like a feeling of pressure or tightness inside the chest. It can also extend to the arms, jaws, and back.

Men are approximately twice more likely than women to suffer from heart attacks.

However, women are more likely to experience symptoms associated with heart attacks than men, such as nausea and lightheadedness, extreme fatigue, and sweaty colds.

Women of a younger age, typically regarded to be younger than age 55 typically experience at least three signs during a heart attack. These include discomfort in the neck, jaw, and shoulders, arms and chest palpitations, or the sensations of heartburn.


A stroke happens when the blood flow towards the brain has been cut off or severely decreased.

The symptoms of a stroke include weakening of the arm, facial drooping in speaking, trouble speaking, confusion, and dizziness. It is imperative to seek immediate medical attention for those suffering from an accident.

Women are more likely to experience other symptoms, like headaches and a more intense altered state of mind according to the study.

Patients must keep in touch with their doctors after a stroke, since it may affect cognitive functioning. This can make it harder for patients to recognize any new signs.

Heart failure

Breathing problems are the most frequent symptom that is associated with heart failure. It occurs because the heart’s blood flow isn’t as it should. It is often the result of an attack on the heart.

Jurgens stated that the symptoms of heart failure could be gradual in two to three weeks prior to when people may recognize they are suffering from an issue that requires urgent medical attention.

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