Sita Ramam Movierulz – Watch Sita Ramam 2022 Telugu Movie Review In Proms4u

Sita Ramam Movierulz The Sita-Ramam movie from Dulquer Salmaan’s film “Sita Ramam” has finally been released in theatres. The film created quite a buzz due to its trailer, and the strategic marketing by the film’s production team. The film’s team has made it more difficult for audiences to wait for the release of the film. The music as well as the teaser and the images from the trailer are stunning and feature an intriguing casting. Hanu Raghavapudi, the director of the film is an expert in telling love stories. Let’s now find out if the film is worth your time or not.

Sita Ramam Movierulz - Watch Sita Ramam

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Sita Ramam Movierulz – Afreen is handed an email written by Ram to his lover Sita. Afreen does not know anything of Ram and Seetha seeks out them, with the aid of Balaji, and, in the process, encounters Brigadier Vishnu Sharma, whom Ram worked with just in the past. If Vishnu Sharma learns that Afrin is in search of Ram He is stunned and asks his team to take Afrin back to him. Then, the story of love that was shared between Ram as well as Sita is revealed from a few years ago. It will also expose the reality of their current situation.

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Sita Ramam Movierulz Sita Ramam Movierulz Hanu Raghavapudi was awe-inspiring in his debut feature film “Andala Rakshasi”. The way that love stories are handled on screen is always an absolute pleasure to take in. ” Sita Ramam” contains gorgeous love scenes and stunning visuals that evoke the audience of Mani Ratnam films, as the director is himself a huge admirer of the legendary cine star Mani Ratnam. The beginning of film begins with a fascinating premise and gradually develops a narrative that is based on the past. It also entertains the viewers with gorgeous love songs and scenes. However, the movie seems to drag in the final third and numerous unnecessary elements ruin the impression we were given in the beginning.

The intermission block certainly keeps the viewers guessing for a while as to what will happen in the second half. take place, however, the scenes that occur in the second part do not keep the energy created by the first half and are characterized by several uninteresting and unnecessary scenes that stifle the essence that the movie. Concerning the narrative and the creation of the film are as concerned, the film looks superior to earlier films by the director who was always hesitant to tackle the second part of the movie.

Emotions are the main focus of this romantic drama, and the film does a great job of putting emotions in the right position to be able to connect with the viewer.

Dulquer Salmaan in the role of Ram is a joy to watch on screen. He is an absolute star in any part he gets If he is acting, as the character rather than the actor. Mrinal Thakur looked stunning and was well-acted in certain scenes. Rashmika Mandanna is a screen actress with limited time and doesn’t make a big impression with her performance. It’s a delight to watch Sumanth who has been a flop in a variety of films despite his capacity to be a great actor. He can play such characters. Bhumika Chawla Tarun Bhaskar, Vennela Kishore, and others performed well in line with the plot.

The technical aspect of ” Sita Ramam” looks fantastic, Vyjayanthi is a master of filmmaking. We can tell that the makers have invested enough money to produce the finest results from the director and the production quality is extremely high. The film’s visuals are breathtaking, PS Vinod & Shreyas Krishna have done a fantastic job of capturing gorgeous scenes as well as the department of art ought to be commended for creating the glamour of the 1960s. The music composed by Vishal Chandrasekhar is a delight. Director Hanu Raghavapudi has been successful in creating a stunning love story that has very few twists and turns this time.

In the end, ” Sita Ramam” is a visually stunning love story that is sure to stay in the minds of viewers.


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