Tees Maar Khan movie review: Aadi Sai Kumar nails his performance, chooses right character

Directed by Kalyanji Gogana, ‘Tees Mär Khan’ features Aadi Sai Kumar as well as Payal Rajput in lead roles, while Sunil, Poorna, Kabir Singh as well as Anoop Singh Thakur are in vital roles.

Tees Maar Khan movie

Hyderabad: Following a long waiting period and a long wait, the actor Aadi Sai Kumar finally got an opportunity to relax with the film “Tees Makar Khan,” a film that was released on the 19th of August. Directed by Kalyanji Gogana, ‘Tees Makar Khan has Aadi Sai Kumar as well as Payal Rajput in lead roles, while Sunil, Poorna, Kabir Singh along with Anoop Singh Thakur take on important parts. Here’s our review.


Tees Maar Khan (Aadi Sai Kumar) is A college student who hopes to join the police force. His perseverance resulted in his joining the police force. In the next few months, he is faced with issues from an influential individual who is a mafia don. The movie gets dramatic as Tees Maar Khan’s brother and sister-in-law have been murdered. Can he identify the culprit? What happens next is the gist of the tale.

Aadi has done an excellent job. His acting skills have grown extensively and he has picked the right script for him perfectly. The layers to his character, and he’s performed them all well. Aadi has been able to impress the viewers.

The song from the beach is among the major highlights of the film, as are the action sequences. The director has not left a stone unturned in the production process and it is evident. The film is full of comedy, romance, entertainment emotion, love, and passion. A bit of humor here and there can be good too.

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Payal Rajput isn’t in any potential for success, but she’s okay. The bond between brothers and sisters is showcased beautifully. They are the primary power of the story.

Director has performed an excellent job with his narrative and the screenplay. However, it could have been better by revising the script. The plot is repetitive in parts, but entertaining in some. There are some boring scenes in the middle, however, the film can keep you entertained until the end. There are lags in the various sections, but in the end, “Tees Maar Khan is a business-oriented film with a predictable concept and a slow-paced narration that has excellent performances.

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