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The Ghost Movierulz The story of the film ‘ The Ghost The Ghost’ appears quite simple and old however, if the script and the scenes had significance, the film could be enjoyable. There are scenes in The Ghost that certainly make the viewers feel connected, however, the emotions in the film don’t let viewers feel the emotions of the protagonist. The reason Aditi would murder everyone with such brutality isn’t possible to write in such a way that is connected. The plot is so weak that certain scenes will be able to entice the viewers, while certain locations make it difficult to view on the screen. If Vikram’s story was presented in a manner that the audience could be able to relate to the story, it would have received positive feedback from the viewers overall.

The Ghost Movierulz - Watch The Ghost 2022

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The Ghost Movierulz The Ghost Movierulz is the acting aspect, Nagarjuna Akkineni is a good choice for the character of Vikram. While his script choices are admirable, his performance hasn’t hit the level in the past few films. Particularly in action sequences where we see his body double in numerous scenes. Gul Panag is decent in the character of Anu who is wealthy and caring for her daughter. Anika Surendran improves every time she films and will succeed in the world of film. Sonal Chauhan is gorgeous however her acting is not great. Manish Chaudhary Ravi Varma and the rest of the actors played their characters in the manner that the script demands.

The technical aspects of the film “Ghost are excellent. The background score and music composed by Bharath-Saurabh are perfect for this type of. Mukesh’s cinematography is the major draw of the film. The cinematography of the chase scenes as well as the action sequences is stunning. Dinesh Subbarayan and Kecha Khamphadki’s action sequences are also film highlights. While we can see the body double in a lot of scenes, these directors have planned the action extremely well.

Director Praveen Sattaru is coming out with a range of movies and is enhancing the quality of his films in each film that he directs. While the director has been awe-inspiring by his filmmaking abilities, he must concentrate more on the emotional aspect to make an impact on the Telugu viewers.

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Overall The Ghost is an action-packed film that is enjoyable in cinemas for some enthralling action scenes, excluding the emotional content.


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