The Kapil Sharma Show All Guests 1st October 2022, 2nd

The Kapil Sharma Show for All Guests, 1 October 2022

The Kapil Singh Show All Guests October 1, 2022: We are delighted to have you visit our website. Today we will give you all the details about the Kapil Sharma show. You will soon understand why Kapil Sharma ji did this. We will also tell you the details of the promo that was made on the Kishori tablet. If you tell people where to find it, they can access the full story. Can get it

Details about the Kapil Sharma Show

You will inform the public that the information about Kapil Sharma’s show was released in installments. Sony TV has launched a new promo for the show. It featured the cast having fun and enjoying the show. However, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (a Bollywood actress) will not be there to offer condolences. You will tell people about it, what its purpose is, and how you guys will meet me to see which artists. Also, you will give all the details about the release date. The table below has the exact information.

Tittle Name

The Kapil Sharma Show

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Date of release


Day of release

Saturday, Sunday

Ott Platform



Talking Show



Show Judge

Archana Puran Singh


Nisha, Vikram, Jayan Ravi , Trisha Krishnan .

Release Time

9:00 PM

You will inform people about Kapil Singh ji’s show. If we tell them about the details, then we will tell people more about Kapil Sharmi ji. Tell people about the release date of Kapil Sharma ji’s show. It will be broadcast on Saturday and Sunday. After that, you will tell them that Sony Live will be available on OTT platforms. You should also tell people where you can meet up. Let’s have a chat. You will be seen talking, but Archana Puran ji will appear in the conversation. Krishna ji and Jaan Ravi Ji will meet to meet, although it is not clear how long it will take. After that, you will be asked to tell others about the film. You can view the trailer on YouTube. The information can be found in the table above.

The Kapil Sharma Show All Guests 1st October 2022, 2nd

The Kapil Sharma Show Guests

You will tell people, for information, that you are going give all the information you can to the people about Kapil Sharma Ji’s show. Tell people which actors you will see. Then tell them that Sony TV has launched a new promo in which the cast had fun and enjoyed the show. However, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (a Bollywood actress) will not be there. You will see Nisha Ji and Vikram Ji, who play their roles very well to the viewers. Then you can tell others whose star cast you are. Good actors and people will also be able to see them. However, we advise that you can easily find the names of the stars cast through the below list.

  • Nisha
  • Vikram
  • Jayan Ravi
  • Trisha Krishnan

For information purposes, tell people who will be appearing in Kapil Sharma’s star cast which artists you will see about the guest. Then tell them that Jain Ravi will be there. You will also see Trisha Krishna Ji ji, who is demonstrating her role very well to audience members. She is an excellent artist and she performed her role well in the show. However, you must tell them that they should watch it once.

Kapil Sharma’s Story

For the sake of information, tell people that you won’t give the complete story of Kapil Sharma to people if you don’t talk about this ok tale. Then you will tell them about Kapil Sharma. Ji will act 100 while talking to one another, but you need to tell them that they must see this show at least once. To see the trailer for 100, you must watch it. You can easily see it to see all that you need to see.

Promo for The Kapil Sharma Show

You will tell people to give promo to people who can tell you complete information about Kapil Sharma. Then you should tell Sony TV that they have launched a new promo for the show. In which the cast had fun and enjoyed the show, but Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (a Bollywood actress) who plays one of the lead female characters in this film, is the main missing. People should know that you are promoting the show. You can view it on YouTube. The promo for the show has also been made available on YouTube. However, you need to tell people that this is a paid program. You won’t have to wait for it to end if you have been waiting anxiously for it to finish.

You are going to share this information with others. Here are the people I will tell you about the Kapil Sharma Show, which you can view from wherever you are viewing it. You should watch the show on YouTube at least once. However, we must tell you that you can easily view its promo by clicking on the post above. You must see


We have given you information through the poster table. You have been told who is Kapil Sharma ji’s guest and who is the artist. It was announced when it was released. You were also told the date and time of its release. You can give information, but you must tell people that any information you give them through the internet will be shared with others. You can easily access information


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