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Walkman Ullu Web Series All Episodes details

Walkman Part 1 Ullu Web Series All Episodes On Ullu  We will now give you all the information about the Walkman web series. We have provided all the details through a table. Friends, now that you’ve given all the details, we can tell you that you can access the complete information about Jaan Walkman Ullu Web Series. Friends, the Voovi app has released a new Walkman Owl web series filled with exciting and thrilling moments. Ullu app has a high success rate for previous web series and their parts. We have received the last update for this web series, but we will soon share the update in this blog post. Ullu App Watch the latest episode of the Walkman Ullu Web Series. The release date for this series is September 30, 2022. The upcoming Walkman Ullu web series Ullu will be available on OTT. Ullu App released the trailer for the web series on YouTube. This is eagerly awaited by the audience. You can watch all episodes of the JWalkman Ullu Web Series online on the Ullu app. Walkman Ullu Web Series is for those who enjoy romance and drama web series. This web series is expected to be as entertaining and as full of romance as 61-62 Siskiyan, Zaroor Season 2, Matki Part 2, and Khon Bhaari Maang 2. Chawl House’s web series. The complete Walkman Ullu Web Series 2022 story has been told in the following table. If you want to learn more about the web series, such as when it will be released and who will be its director, or who will be appearing in its star cast, please read the table below.

Title Name


Date of release

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30 September 2022

Web series Tittle

Awazon ka suroor hain Har taraf ye hazoor hain Uski tadap se ab bas Bana ek khwabon ka hujoom hai



Running time

35-40 M


Romance and Drama



OTT Platform


Online video


Star Cast

Riddhima Tiwari etc,

Watch Online Walkman Part 2 Ullu Web Series

The table above contains all information about the web series. Season 30 will be available to you on September 30, 2022. The season will last for about 35 minutes. If you guys are interested in the season, you can watch it on the Ullu platform. We will also be able to see other people if you tell us. You can watch the entire season if you subscribe to the OTT platform. This will allow you to enjoy it and talk about its history with your friends. The following paragraph will show you the status of the season if you tell the truth to your friends. You can also understand tori

Walkman Part 1 Ullu Web Series

Walkman Ullu Web Series All Episodes Story

The story of Workman is going to be shared with everyone. We will tell you the story if you are interested. He tells his wife that his wife has fulfilled all his wishes. On the second night, his sister-in-law asks him what happened. We recommend that you see the trailer for Achhi. We can tell you that this story will show you a very good romantic drama with your loved ones. He played his part in a way that was enjoyable for the audience. The story of Walkman Ullu’s web series 2022 will feature Natasha Rajeshwari and Riddhima Tiwari. This web series is filled with romance, dramatic scenes, and drama. Let’s find out what happens in the story. Friends, the walkman web series is about the fantasy in which Riddhima Tiwari, the main character, is obsessed with her walkman. This is the background story of a rural village where women are expected to do only household chores. We see Riddhima Tilari content with her Walkman. Riddhima and other Walkman web stars were cast. These Riddhima Tiwari web series are a great way to enjoy Riddhima’s charming screen presence and acting skills. Subscribe to our website for more information. You can watch the web series on Ullu Ott, which will be available on September 30, 2022. We hope you enjoyed this information and that you get all the information you need. Keep watching, we have great information for you guys. You will only find information about them here.

All episodes of Walkman Ullu Web Series

  • Riddhima Tiwari

Friends, we will be sharing information with you all about the Walkman web series’ star cast. This has been done through Rajma Tiwari’s role. It is a great drama that will make your heart happy. Friends, if your goal is to have fun, you must first see the people. People will enjoy Tiwari’s performance and it will be clear that they are enjoying the film.

Walkman Ullu Web Series Trailer All Episodes

Friends, we will be sharing information about Walikman’s trailer in front of everyone. Let us also tell you what this web series is all about, and which actors will be appearing in it. We have provided the names of the artists and will show the trailer. You can also see the retailer here. This is because you’ll see a lot of drama and romance, which will make you happy. Owl OTT platform subscribers can still enjoy the show.

The trailer for the Walkman web series has been posted. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can now see the tailor. We are sure you guys will love this trailer. You will love this web series. Each episode is 20-25 minutes long. Walkman Part 1 webseries release dateis September 30, 2022. The Ullu app, which is now being helmed by SSK has moved to implied dishabille. Aayushi Jaiswal, for instance, has a passionate scene with Riddhima, her female co-star, with all the groping and chest bumping.

All Walkman Web Series Episodes Available Online on Ullu App

We will now tell you all about the online After Walkman web series. Friends told me that if this is something you want to do, it will be on the Owl OTT platform. You will have more fun if you know everything about the web series. We have provided all information about the table. If you answered yes, then you will receive the information.


We gave you all the details about the Walkman web series, including when and where it was released. We also talked about its OTT platform, its story, and who its stars are. We have provided all information to you. If you find any errors or notice any changes in the information, please let us know. We share all information via Google and the Internet so you can clearly get all the details. We hope you enjoy our information.


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