Walkman Part 1 Web Series Watch Online All Episodes On Ullu

Walkman Part 1 Web Series Watch Online

Walkingman Part 1 Web Series Online Watch Hello everyone We would like to thank you for stopping by our website today. Today, we’re going to provide you with all the details about the walkman Part 1 web series that you want to view this season, you can watch it online. Which OTT channel or in which season are you able to watch it and what’s the run time for this season? the director of the show and who is the producer and who is its main actor and when or on what day the season will be released and when it will be released, you should learn all these details via this article to obtain all the details and then inform your friends that you can complete your information using the table below and through the article. The information you will get is on when the season was announced and the date it was released. who is the cast working on, and to find all the details about this, it is recommended to keep in touch until the end of the season if you are part of us? If you’re connected to the inside, you’ll be able to get all the details about Season 8 clearly, and you’ll be able to enjoy the season with easy to get all the details about the season if you are connected us, you will be able to learn all regarding it in this article of ours. If you are a fan, then you will be aware of all the details regarding the season. get information

Walkman Part 1 Web Series details

In this article, we will provide all the details to everyone about the details of the walkman Part 1 Part One web series that is if you aren’t informed about this web-based series, what time and which date has the season been released, as well as its current type. What language is the season, and the names of its creators So I’ve given you the complete information regarding all this through the table? So you must only read and understand the season. Be aware of all the details

Title Name


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Date of release

30 September 2022

Web series Tittle

Awazon ka suroor hain Har taraf ye hazoor hain Uski tadap se ab bas Bana ek khwabon ka hujoom hai



Time for running

35-40 M


Drama, Romance



OTT Platform


Watch online


Star Cast

Riddhima Tiwari ,komal shrma,Dheeraj,Ayushi jaiswal

With the table above in the table above, we’ve provided all the details regarding Walkman Part 1 web series. Walkman Part 1 web series to you all and the season is scheduled to be available to you on September 30, 2022. You have told us that you will be watching the entire season in the Hindi language. If we look at the duration of the series, the people who know you tell you that you will be able to watch around 35-40 minutes of the season. And you can expect to see plenty of romance and drama in it . Let us inform you that if you’d like to watch the season on the internet, you can view the season easily using your Owl OTT platform, so we can say that if you’re on this Owl OTT platform, then you should definitely check it out. With a subscription, and enjoying it to the max and having friends who are excellent actors We can assure that in this show, are watching Rajma Tiwari, who is an excellent artist, and you’ve told your friends along with you. If you’re seeing actors such as Komal Sharma, Dheeraj or Ayushi Jaiswal then, friends are we going to inform you. To watch the performances of these actors, today you’ve gathered all the information you need regarding it. In order to watch the performances of all the artists, you should sign up to the OTT platform. Because friends If you watch Owl OTT If you subscribe to the platform, you’ll find it simple to watch the performance.

Walkman Part 1 Web Series Watch Online All Episodes On Ullu

Walkman Part 1 Web Series Story

This is the time to inform you about the tale of Walkman Part One Part One web series that dear readers, if you would like to know more about its story I will explain that its tale is that of a woman who has to overcome her fears. You had to overcome your youth and be a little more mature. So, settle down to listen to the story as it will take you to heaven. I will say that the girl will soon be married and also on the same wedding day, when physical contact occurred with her husband. This creates an alliance or say to people that when she’s seen romping with her husband. Then the next day , her sister-in-law inquires about who won on the field last night. you were up when she was, so I am too. Tell her that her sister-in-law talks about her there and she flees from the scene in shame. she asks her sister-in law to share what transpired, and she describes what happened to us. We will tell you that she recounts the entire incident from her point of view and then, you will understand that I am telling you that she is beautiful she is beautiful and young. As a result, you’ll get lots of joy since friends, when the sister-in-law arrives from her room, there’s a milkman that is going to the milkman consumes milk. At the same time, his pallu falls, and when they see her, milkmen are attracted. When he is attracted to the milkman and his thoughts is drawn to him, he wishes to share the company of his sister-inlaw. and then, friends, let us say that, in the same manner the story is being told to you, and you are now able to tell some rain-related story. If you’re curious about the story the story, you can find all the details through the storyteller, and then friends we will provide the table below. You will be able to get all the details about it through the table. Also, by watching the trailer, you can get a glimpse of the plot. If you are able to comprehend this, then let us inform you that you have received a lot of information from this. We hope that are able to continue receiving the best information on this site of ours.Ullu App is currently releasing back-to-back web series through its platform. It is among the most popular OTT applications in India. Today, the makers have released Walkman Part 1 web series on their platform. The cast of Walkman’s web series features Ridhima Tiwari Kasim, Dheeraj, Komal Sharma and Ayushi Jaiswal as the main roles.

To find out the complete story, and to find out what happens in the next episode, watch the complete web series on the Ullu App. Walkman web series’s release date is September 30, 2022. The cast of the web series is Riddhima Tiwari Aayushi Jaiswal and Kamalika Chanda. The web series is full of the most dramatic scenes, which are famous for Ullu.

It tells the story of an innocent woman Roshini who has a lot of desires for her husband. After she got married she was hoping that the first night would be interesting, however, her expectations didn’t come true and she was not satisfied in her relationship with husband. Her mother advised Roshini to record a few songs on cassettes since she felt lonely at home while her husband went to work.

Walkman Part 1 Web Series Cast

Friends, we’re going to provide all the details about the actors in the main cast of Walkman Part 1 Part One web series to each of you on this page, even if you aren’t aware about this season , or what actors took part in it, you are in good company. We will inform you that we’ve provided all the details of the actors by putting a dot in their names, so that when you look over the email and get the details of the entire actors in this web-based series.

  • Riddhima Tiwari
  • ,komal shrma,
  • Dheeraj
  • ,Ayushi jaiswal

With this choice, we’ve given you everything we know about every actor in the Walkman Part 1. Part One web series, that you’ll receive Rajma Tiwari, Komal Sharma as well as Dheeraj Kumar, along with them. If you are seeing performers such as Ayushi Jaiswal then dear readers we can assure you that you’re thrilled to witness the performance of these performers and today we’ve given you the information about each of its actors in detailed. Did you try it? If so, you will be delighted to find out what information is available for the Walkman Part 1 web series release date is September 30, 2022. The web series is produced by SSK and the web series is only for viewers over 18 years old. Watch the online version of Walkman Part 1 web series the complete three episodes today on the Ullu App. The next version from Ullu App will be Lady Finger. Ullu App will be Lady Finger and will also feature Aayushi Jaiswal on this web series.A recently married Roshini is disappointed by the fact that her dreams and hopes are squandered in both her life and on the bed. A turn of events, Roshini gets hold of several tapes with venereal stories. This opens up a new avenue of color in her monotone life and takes Roshini on a wild ride of excitement and fun of sexuality!

While playing cassettes, one had an erotic narrative. She put this cassette into her walkman and began to listen to the story. At night, Roshini’s husband is sleeping earlier, and she began to listen to these stories, and then starts to think about. Sunita who is a cousin of the husband of Roshini is there to take the test. There is also an erotic moment that involves Roshini with Sunita.

Walkman Part 1 Web Series Trailer

We will provide information to all of you regarding the trailer for the Walking Man Part One Part One web series that is available to view. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, then you are able to download the trailer of this with ease through YouTube. Through searching, you can discover that you’ll be able to experience very enjoyable love and drama however, we would like to inform that if you’d like to check out its creator here, then we’ve added the trailer of the show before you. We have uploaded and shared the trailer so that so that you can see excellent romance in this

Friends, we’ve placed the trailer for the Walkman Part 1 Part One web series in front of you. If you haven’t seen the trailer before, then today you will be able to watch Taylor and her family, which provides informative through Taylor. You will also get plenty of entertainment since there’s an amazing story about an individual girl. And I will tell you that she is not getting married anytime soon, but that is when she is at her in-laws’ home on the day of her first wedding. The incident that her husband is involved in, that she experiences in the first night of marriage, is an extensive conversation with his sister-in-law. his sister-in-law would like to know, did you have a win in the contest, which is why his sister-in law asks him to take full details, and the same way you get to know the story that is told in it and if you would like to know more about the story and the story, you can watch its storyteller, and you like watching it with great pleasure.

Walkman Part 1 Web Series Watch Online On ullu App

While I am providing all the details of Walkman Part 1 web series to you all and you want to know, I would like to let you know that If you are looking to stream this web-based series on the internet, then what platform is available to stream it. So let us inform you that if are looking to catch the season 2 online, you can do so quickly via Owl OTT. Owl OTT platform, if you are not a subscriber to the Owl OTT platform, then you should watch it. Get a subscription now and tell your friends that excellent action and drama are shown in this show. Also, let them know that there are such stars such as Raj Komal Sharma and Dheeraj Then, let your friends recommend that they are. Make sure that the viewers are attracted by the performance of these actors So today, we have given you all the information on all of these in great precise detail.


Friends, we’ve shared all the details regarding this Walkman Part 1 web series as well as the exact time and date the season premiered and which auditee was set to meet at the platform, what director it was of the show, who is the producer and the stars. Who is who? we’ve given you all the details about the people in this series, and should you discover any information incorrect or notice any changes in the office information and you don’t have any connections in this. We also give you all the details about it on the internet.


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