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Walkman Ullu Web Series Details

We are going to tell you the Walkman Ullu series details. If you want to know more about it, let’s tell you. It can run for 35 to 40 minutes. There is also a web series that takes 15 to 30 minutes to 35 minutes. You guys should watch this series once. Ridhima Tiwari will be in this series. We can assure you that no matter what Ridhima Tiwari does, they are all superhit performers. The audience is captivated by their performances and gets excited about the act of being attracted to the chest.

We are proud of you and your people. We can tell you, no matter where Ridhima is located, they are always killed. If they want to find out when the Walkman Ullu web series Ridhima is coming, they should check here. Let us also tell you, that the Kullu platform was raised on September 30, 2022. It has been announced that the car will be shown. Subscribe to our OTT platform to view this web series.

Walkman Ullu Web Series

Title Name

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Date of release

30 September 2022

Title Web Series

Awazon ka suroor hain Har taraf ye hazoor hain Uski tadap se ab bas Bana ek khwabon ka hujoom hai



Running time

35-40 M


Romance and Drama



OTT Platform


Online video


Star Cast

Riddhima Tiwari etc,

We have provided all the information you need about the Walkman Ullu web series. The title of the web series is the following: We were told the title was Arzoo’s, and there is noise from his side. We will show you the best ones. After some time, we will make this post more accurate so that you can get information about the star cast.

Walkman Ullu Web Series Cast

We are going to tell you about the cast of Walkman Ullu. If you want to find out who the stars of Walkman Ullu are, then we will do that. According to our sources, only one artist is known. Riddhima Tiwari Ji has done an excellent job in this web series. We will also show you other information once you complete the web series. You will see that you and your friends will get great information and Ullu.

  • Riddhima Tiwari

We have provided you with all the information you need about the star cast of Walkman Ullu, an upcoming web series that will be available on Ullu’s OTT platform.

Story of Walkman Ullu’s Web Series

We will tell people that you can get information about the Walkman Ullu story by telling them that the Walkman Ullu movie is coming out on September 30, 2022. The story is funny and beautiful.

On the day of her honeymoon, the night goes very well. Let us tell you, the girl arrives at her maternal home the next morning. Her sister-in-law, who lives, asks the girl if she can tell her the story. Then, I go to his house and tell him that he wouldn’t mind if the bridge was not watered.

He will find the water by himself. A girl can also find water on her own. If she doesn’t get a curious husband, then she will find one. You tell people that we will all get to see the story ahead and that a boy will be there for her. The boy enters the scene and asks if he can bring his sister-in-law. That girl will respond that she recognizes you as the same and then you smell all around to identify the right one. We will then tell you that there is no relationship between the girl and the boy, and their families who still live would agree that it is.

If you were to ask her if she was happy to meet you, she would reply that she is. We will show you the staircase. We have already told you the story about Jaspreet in Hindi. So friends, let’s tell you about the trailer for this web series. Try to show what you guys can also view in Taylor and how this girl’s style looks in it

Walkman Ullu Trailer for the Web Series

We will tell you that you can get information about Taylor of Walkman Ullu through this software. This is because we have told you that the story of a girl who has just married her first husband, goes to her maternal house and the events there are what we and you see. We can show you because the girl who lives happily with her husband is completely happy. But, another boy enters her life and causes her to be disoriented.

We are happy to tell you that this story is a good one. We know you liked the information because the story tells of a girl who marries and has a honeymoon. Her husband and she life in the same room, which is great for both us and you. We and you will now see if this boy knows anything about it. You can also see Ridhima’s performances on the platform Ullu has raised. Watch online

Online Watch Walkman Ullu Web Series

Let us tell you if you are looking for Walkman Ullu online series, that Ullu announced that viewers will have access to the Ullu web series on September 30, 2022. It’s a joy-filled web series. I also want to remind viewers to take one look at the Ullu platform. Let us tell then that there are three to four web series released each month. This will be something you’ll enjoy. Then let us tell then that you should sign up for OTT’s OTT platform. to enjoy


We have provided all the information you need in your language about the Walkman Ullu web series. Although we tried to provide accurate information, we cannot be held responsible for any changes in the release date. It was shared via social media to allow you to get the information. Let us just say that blogging is a joy because it makes me happy to share this information with you. I blog so that you can see and I can share information. I find a lot of pleasure in sharing information with others and blogging.


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