Watch online (ullu app) walkman part 1 ullu web series all episodes

Watch the online version (ullu application) walkman, part 1. of the ullu web series

Watch on the internet (ullu application) Walkman Part 1 of the web series on ullu Hello Thank you so much for stopping by our website today. Today we’ll give you all the details regarding Watch Online Walkman part 1. Watch the Online Walkman part 1 web series. We’ll inform you about the seasons when and when it will air. Who will be its stars, what will be the language used, and which nation it will air We have provided all information regarding the OTT platform thoroughly and you will have the entire information regarding all these performers. If you can, my dear readers, I will tell to you, if don’t know the story behind it and what the purpose of its artists, or don’t know anything about it You can get all the information on the platform through this article. If you have access to the information from a source, then should read the following paragraphs and get all the details about this web-based series.

Walkman part 1 ullu web series details

In this article, we will provide all the details to everyone about the specifics of the Walkman Part One web series, if you do not know about the series or what date the season was released, and on which OTT platform it is on. However, what language has been discovered and what is the duration of its run time, and what public release date so that you be aware of the details about the characters, and we’ve shared all its information via cable.

Title Name


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Date for release

30 September 2022

Web series Tittle

Awazon ka suroor hain Har taraf ye hazoor hain Uski tadap se ab bas Bana ek khwabon ka hujoom hai



Time for running

35-40 M


Drama, Romance



OTT Platform


Watch online


Star Cast

Riddhima Tiwari,Kasim ,Dheeraj ,Komal Sharma ,Aayushi Jaiswal,Sharanya Jit Kaur,Noor Malabika

Online streaming (ullu application) walkman Part 1

With the table above in the table above, we have provided all the details about the Volkman Part One web series to you all that the next season will premiere to you on the 30th of September 2022. there will be a Hindi season. You inform people that when you are watching this season Yasin you can expect to enjoy a total of 35-40 minutes in which you’ll watch some very entertaining tension and excitement. And let me assure you that you go to the theater this season. If you are interested in the show, you will be able to watch this episode on the Ullu OTT platform. If you sign up to the Ullu OTT platform and you subscribe to the Ullu OTT platform, you can view this season, which will feature actors such as Radha Tiwari, and Dheeraj Sharma. Ayushi Jaiswal, and Appreciate Ajit Kumar. Are you guys getting together and, with them, are waiting for Noor Malvika will also be playing her role and so we would like to inform you that all of these stars have created this web series with great care and we are sure that you will enjoy it. will have an enjoyable experience and we’ll provide you with all the details about this season. It has been revealed in the form of a table. If those who want to view that through Elliott. Elliott platform, then you’ll see this on the Ulluott platform if you can watch this season in a good way through Owl OTT. Owl OTT platform and let me assure you that if you do watch it, you’ll be able to witness a very romantic relationship in it.

Watch online (ullu app) walkman part 1 ullu web series all episodes

Walkman part 1 Ullu web series actors and Roleplay

In this article, we will provide you with all the details about the actors of the Walkman Part 1 series as well as their roles in the show. our readers, please tell us that if you’re watching this web series, highly skilled actors are involved in the show. We have provided the entire information about these actors. You will see that they have all been in the role, and each actor has prepared this season with great skill playing their roles and you’ll enjoy it tremendously.

Star cast


Riddhima Tiwari






Komal Sharma

Daya Bhabhi

Aayushi Jaiswal


Sharanya Jit Kaur


Noor Malabika


Online streaming (ullu application) walkman Part 1

With the table above We have provided everything you need to know about the stars of the Volkman Part One web series and tried to give you all the details about their roles So, friends you all were there. If you’ve looked over this table you will have noticed that Rajma Tiwari is playing her role as Roshni in the show and Kasim plays the part of Manoj in the show. In the same manner, Komal Sharma is seen acting as Daya Bhabhi. Aayushi Jaiswal, an excellent artist is playing her role as Sunita and in this manner, I will tell to you Noor Malika is playing Neha on this. We gave you all the details about the artists, and you should have enjoyed our article greatly. Then, people told you who is the actor and who plays the roles in this film, and the details you have learned.

Walkman part 1 of the ullu web series trailer

This time, we’d like to let you know about the trailer for Walkman part 1 of the web series. If you haven’t seen Sketole in the past, then your friends and you can have plenty of enjoyment from watching the trailer that is full of enjoyment. The best story is told and will ensure that you will delight in this story. If you’d like to check out the tailor of this series, you can visit the retailer quickly. This is why we’ve put the trailer on your screen

Play online (ullu application) walkman part 1.

In this manner, we’ve placed the trailer of the Walkman first web series before you and we will inform you that the plot is extremely interesting and thrilling. You explain to viewers that there’s a story about a home that will take the person home. A man is about to get married and what’s going to transpire that night as the couple celebrates their honeymoon? wife? Let me inform you that his sister-in-law will ask the girl the next day to tell her about the girl who won the arena earlier today. He or she tells the entire story and then goes away in regret, and then we will tell you that this is the story unfolding through this lens, and you must learn the tale of rain. To be able to comprehend the story quite well by listening to the storyteller. you’ll be able to understand it quickly, and we’ve put this Patel before you. You can view the trailer as well as its entire story in a clear manner. Take a break at

Walkman Part 1 ullu web series on ullu’s ott plate from

In this article, we will inform you all regarding the OTT platform that is part of the Walkman part 1 of the web series. If you don’t know about any OTT platform during this season, tell the viewers that you will be watching the OTT platform on the Owl OTT platform. This is not available If you are not signed up to the OTT platform. If, however that you already the option of signing up when you can and you have thoroughly enjoyed it you’re the type of person who makes the highest amount of money from it in this season, then you must take a look. I’m sure I’ll get lots of enjoyment, and you won’t have any issues with some shows and you will be able to enjoy it without difficulty. Additionally, you are going to watch a very romantic drama this season, where you will meet Rajma Tiwari and Ayushi Jaiswal and the rest of them will be getting stars such as Amal Sharma Appreciation, Jeet Kumar and Noor Malvika. If you’re interested we would like to inform you that the show is completely planned by the artists mentioned above, thanks to which you’ll see plenty. will enjoy

Walkman Part 1 Ullu Web story of the series

Today we would like to let you know about the story behind Walkman part 1 of the web series. If you’d like to know the story behind it and the plot, it is excellent, and Manjha tells the tale of a family in this story, a girl is married early, which means the moment she is married, and then on the day of her wedding, when she and her husband go on their honeymoon, the action that takes place on the first night is wonderful for you to witness in this tale. You can also check out the trailer for this that will tell you, ladies, that her sister-in-law is beautiful and I’ll say to you that her sister-in-law asks her who was the winner on the stage last night, and then she walks out of the arena because of guilt, and after her sister-in-law again is asked again, and then she recounts the whole story and we inform the loved ones about the story. continues and follows the incident, we tell the story. The boys in the community discuss that trees absorb water by expanding their roots in the same manner, the woman is also absorbed by her lover. If you come across a man who wants to put it out, we will be the ones to tell the story in a way that will help you be able to comprehend the story If you’ve seen the trailer for this story and then, friends, you must tell people that you have seen its trailer well from this article. And If you haven’t seen it, then you should check it out as soon as you can. it’s by watching the trailer. read the whole story


Friends, we have shared with you everything you need to know regarding Walkman part 1 of the web series, including when and which date the season been released, and when it’s will be available on the D platform and which actors are taking on which role. We’ve shared all the details about each of them in-depth, and if you had read the entire article, you’d appreciate the information well, but I will say that I am sure that you’ve found the information in it. If you find any information to be inaccurate and you’re wondering if you notice any changes are coming into the future, do not blame us for it since we will also let you know about it on the online sources so that you can easily spot it. And we hope you are enjoying this piece of information of ours greatly.


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