What Is Bajaj Finance Q2 Results & How To Get It

What is Bajaj Financial Q2 Forms? How Do I Find It

What is Bajaj Finance Q2 Results & How to Find The Results — Bajaj Finance Limited is one of the investment and lending divisions of the Bajaj Finserv group. Presently, in the Indian market, it is among the most diverse NBFCs with which have more than 38 million clients throughout the country. Although it is the largest lender of durable consumer products across India, Bajaj Financial Limited is among the most profitable businesses in this type of financial sector. It has nine product lines BFL concentrates on the consumer, SME and commercial areas of the business division.

What Is Bajaj Finance Q2 Results & How To Get It

What is Bajaj Finance Q2 Results & How Can I Access It?

In Bajaj Finance it is 100% shareholding in Bajaj Finance Limited and almost 100% stake in bajaj financial security limited. Bajaj Finance Limited prides itself in having the best score of creditability, which is FAAA/Stable, which is the highest for any NBFC that is in existence today. Bajaj Finance Limited is the sole NBFC in India that has the international BBB with a steady future outlook on long-term financial insurance.

Which are the offerings and services offered by Bajaj Finance?

Consumer Finance

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Finance options are available through simple EMI loans that can be used to purchase appliances for home use and personal appliances, grocery items clothing and accessories, healthcare fitness, travel and wellness that provide easy access to luxurious and affordable products and payment ease across all channels customers can purchase products at a reasonable price through the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. EMI Network Card comes with a pre-approved loan the amount of Rs.4 lakh which customers can utilize at all of Bajaj Finserv’s 60.000plus partner stores spread across greater than 1300 locations. Below are a few kinds of consumer finance available:

  • Digital Product Finance
  • MasterCard
  • 2 and 3 Wheeler Finance
  • A loan against an the FD
  • gold Loan
  • Home Loan
  • E-commerce
  • A co-branded Wallet

Commercial Lending

Loan Against Securities is a easy way to access funds without liquidating assets. With loans of up to 10 crore, and no Part Payment/Foreclosure Fees and is backed by an experienced person who manages the relationship and is on hand all hours of the day to help customers with their needs. It is available to tenants in lease contracts that have the amount of funding ranging from Rs.10 Crore and Rs.50 crore. It also comes with the option of a term of 11 years and the option of a foreclosure or part-prepayment. Below are some kinds of commercial Lending listed below:

  • Large Value Discounting Lease Rental
  • Credits against Securities
  • Vendor Financing

Corporate Finance

Warehouse loans where SME owners can finance warehouse operations by storing enough inventory or by opening a new warehouse to serve new markets. It is available with low-cost financing of up to 30 lakh as well as easy unsecured financing. There is also a different kind:

  • Warehouse Financing


One of the most secure investment options, fixed deposits lets you take charge of their investments in a flexible manner and guarantees returns. Investors can select a tenor of between 12 and 60 months as in line with their financial needs. Affordable FD interest rates as high as 8.70 percent and even higher rates for seniors allow them to increase your savings quickly with a minimum of Rs. 25,000. It also has minimal cost of transactions and the ability to be liquidated at any time and without having the specified lock-in duration. There are two kinds of investments:

  • Fixed Deposit
  • Mutual Funds

SME Finance

There are several kinds of SME Finance, which are listed in the following:

  • Small Business Loan
  • Used Car Finance
  • Developer Finance
  • Professional Loan
  • Home Loan

Bajaj Financial July – September 2022


July to September 2022

Growth (on the year)

Net Interest Income



Profit after Tax



Assets under Management






What is Bajaj Finance Q2 Results & How Can I Access It?

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What is Bajaj Financt Q2 Financial Results?

The company’s assets under management increased by 31% to a total of Rs 218,366 crore during Q2 and the net interest income jumped 31% to reach Rs 7,001 crore. The company announced that its net NPA and its net NPA at the end of September were at 0.24 percent and 0.11 percent respectively, as compared to 0.39 percent and 0.24 percent in the previous year period. The amount of new loans that were incurred during the September quarter rose by 7 percent to 6.76 million, compared to 6.33 million during the comparable period the previous year.


Bajaj Finance is beneficial as the plans can help you get rid of oneself from a variety of anxiety. If you’re looking to purchase Bajaj Finance, choose the most appropriate plan to your requirements or needs. I hope that this article will assist you in learning more about Travel Insurance and through this article, you’ll be able the complete details and terms that apply to Bajaj Financial Insurance.

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