What Is Travel Insurance & How You Can Get

What is Travel Insurance & How You Can Get It?

What Is Travel Insurance and How Can You get it? In the finance industry, there are numerous kinds of Insurance consequently, today we will be discussing the subject of travel Insurance. Travel Insurance provides coverage for the cost and damages that may be caused by traveling to India or elsewhere. Travel Insurance also covers the financial loss resulting from many unexpected events, such as death and theft, lost luggage, medical issues or delays on flights, etc. This is something that many individuals typically opt to plan an excursion.

What Is Travel Insurance & How You Can Get

Types of Travel Insurance

There is a variety of Travel Insurance that people can pick based on their preferences and requirements. Below are a few kinds of insurance listed below:

The Group Travel insurance while you are on holiday or anything else, if you’re in more than 20 or more, you may purchase an insurance policy for group travel. The insurance will also cover cancellation and baggage damage or medical evacuation, as well as delays in travel.

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Senior Citizens Travel Insurance: It offers a full policy for those in age between 61 and 70 years old to ensure that their travel is an enjoyable experience. It covers medical facilities, medical services as well as pre-existing health conditions.

Domestic Travel insurance if there is a need to travel anyplace within India We can easily benefit from the insurance for travel within India. With this plan, one can avail of financial and medical aid in case of medical emergencies, baggage loss as well as cancellation and delay of the trip, etc.

Students Travel InsuranceThe student insurance plan for travel provides financial and medical aid to students who are studying abroad for their studies. The plan also covers unexpected financial or medical emergencies that could be encountered by students living in a different country during their stay. This plan can be utilized by students who are studying abroad, or those who plan to travel abroad for study.

International Travel Insurance:This kind of insurance is offered to travelers outside of India. It is further subdivided into various types for different areas and nations. For instance travel insurance, the one required for travel to the Middle East would be different from that required for travel into the US or any other country.

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What are the eligibility Criteria for the Travel Insurance Plan?

Travel Insurance has eligibility criteria and age limits that vary from policy to policies. Let’s see what the requirements to meet for Travel Insurance Plan:

  1. Travel insurance for families: It covers two adults until 60 years old and two children aged between 21 and 21 years old.
  2. Students travel insurance: Students between the age of 16 to 40 can purchase this plan and study abroad to pursue their higher education.
  3. Insurance for travel of senior citizens The plan is for seniors with a minimum age of 85 years. age.
  4. Schengen Travel insurance To be qualified to be eligible for Schengen Travel insurance people should be at 70 years of age and infants should be over 90 days old.
  5. Insurance for international travel It provides coverage for two adults who must be over 60 years old and two children who are up to 21 years old.

Claim Process For Travel Insurance

  • In the event of an emergency on your travels, notify your insurance provider by calling them or sending them an email.
  • For contacting them, we need to utilize the contact details of the insurance company such as a toll-free phone number or email address that is listed on the policy documents.
  • Claims Service Rep. will assist us register the claim and will help us learn about the process of filing claims as well as the documents needed for the specific policy.
  • Download the appropriate claim form.
  • Complete the properly filled-in claim form with all the required documents.
  • Documents will then be evaluated by an expert appointed by an insurance firm.
  • After a thorough review The company will then decide whether to either accept or deny the policy.

Exclusions of Travel Insurance

  • Radioactive injuries
  • Sports injuries that cause death
  • Self-inflicted injuries
  • Claims due to war breakout
  • Medical emergencies that result from drinking alcohol
  • Treatments other than allopathy

Benefits of Travel Insurance

Mishandling of baggage:It is common for baggage to be lost or stolen or handled improperly during travel or flights. In this case when people haven’t purchased travel insurance, they’ll be unable to recover the money they spent on the baggage along with any valuables that are stored inside the bag.

Cancellation of trip:Some circumstances like weather or other technical issues could cause you to end your excursion. Although it’s a bit depressing, as it might be, travellers will lose the money they spent for their travel arrangements and hotel reservations. However, with insurance coverage for cancellations of trips in travel insurance, travellers are able to get their money back.

Health expensesWhen travellers travel across the globe or within India medical expenses are not something they’d like to invest in. Travel insurance will cover the possibility of unintentional expenses in cases such as injuries, surgeries as well as emergency medical evacuation. According to the plan we choose it is possible to receive an emergency care 24/7 service to cover our expenses for travel to the closest medical facility.


Travel Insurance can be beneficial since the plans can help you escape oneself from a variety of anxiety. If you are looking to purchase term insurance in conjunction with Travel Insurance, choose the most suitable plans that are suited to your requirements or needs. I hope that this article will assist you in gaining knowledge about Travel Insurance and, through this article, you’ll be able to understand all conditions and terms of Travel Inurance.

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