Who is Nupur Alankar? Left Entertainment Industry to Take Path of Spirituality

Who is Nupur Alankar A popular television actress Nupur Alankar has entertained viewers for nearly three decades and has been making headlines in recent times However, this time, not for any of her forthcoming projects but rather for her decision to leave the field to follow a spiritual route?

Yes! you read it correctly. The actress stunned everyone on the 18th of August 2022 when she announced that she would quit the world of entertainment to pursue an alternative path to spirituality. She released Sanyas away from her possessions of the world in February of this year.


Former actress, who was a model and actor has renounced the extravagant attire and has been seen in outfits in saffron when she goes to pilgrimage sites. She is currently heading towards the Himalayas.


In her recent interview with an influential media outlet, the actress spoke about quitting her job and stated that she had always been drawn to spirituality and was Madhya-based and it was only just a matter of time until she was completely devoted to Madhya.


The actress also said she didn’t miss acting anymore and has over pretenses and flimsiness that actors use both on and off the screen. Her mother passed away in the year 2020 and she stated she didn’t worry about losing anything.

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She also stated she was happy that Alankar Srivastava, her husband removed him from her marriage bonds and they went through the legal path to divorce. “I feel free from all the expectations and duties,” she said. She also gave her Mumbai apartment to rent to finance her travel expenses to places of pilgrimage.


Nupur Alankar appeared in nearly the entire 157 television serials during her 27-year acting career. She was a part of many acclaimed programs like Shaktimaan, Tantra, and Ghar Ki Lakshmi, among other shows. She also appeared in several films, including Raja Di, Saawariya, and Sonali Cable.

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