Windows 12 Release Date, Beta Version, Early access, Features

Following the announcement of their latest technological conference Microsoft prepares to launch Windows 12, continuing its tradition of creating and the release of new software products. The users of Windows are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the Windows 12 release date that includes several new features, in addition to the features that have been in the previous versions of Windows. When we think about the last few years when Microsoft released Windows 10 immediately after Windows 8 however, we could not get it to 9 there’s no doubt it is that Microsoft Windows 12 operating system could be the best.

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Windows 12 Release Date

Windows 12 Release Date, Beta Version, Early access, Features

According to reports from sources that the launch of Windows 12 would occur in 2024, assuming that Microsoft follows the three-year schedule for upgrades. There aren’t any more specific rumors at the moment and it’s not easy to predict this far in advance.

To give some background The launch to launch Windows 11 took place in June 2021. The operating system was released to the general public for the first time in October 2021. However, the entire deployment to all devices compatible with Windows 11 was a lengthy process, and the same thing will likely take place this time. As the release date gets closer, it wouldn’t be surprising if the date was subject to further adjustments. Because Microsoft hasn’t yet made any formal announcements on the matter.

However, the fact Microsoft has changed its plans regarding the naming strategy for the future version of Windows is not a sign that the new features will not be released until these versions are available. They will be available in routine software upgrades that are delivered to users of the Windows 11 operating system.

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Windows 12 Release Date Beta Version

It’s been reported the claim that Microsoft Windows 12 would be the fastest and most efficient version out of the previous versions that comprised Microsoft Windows. We are therefore hoping that it will soon address all the issues with lags and malfunctions that were present in Windows 11. In terms of appearance and the variety of themes available the Microsoft Windows 12 operating system is quite different from the previous version of Windows. The system will also be shielded from the dangers of the world outside with a strong anti-virus system that is integrated. The new apps are extremely interesting.

There are several methods by that users can receive the most current version of Windows This is valuable information for those looking forward to the launch of the Microsoft Windows 12 update. The first option is to make use of the regular Windows update, which is released annually. To access this, select the Start button on the corner of the left-bottom screen (the icon of the gear) then click the icon for Updates and Security and then click Windows Update in the sidebar. After that Click the “Check for Updates button. If the update is in the pipeline, Windows will start downloading itself. The other option is to delete and install Windows on your PC.

Windows 12 Early Access

The next Windows 12 upgrade will be an important release and its working title will be Next Valley. The information about the features Microsoft has crafted for the upgrade is not yet made available to the public. Regarding the “Windows 11 Moments,” Microsoft has already run the system through its paces, with the launch of the weather button in the taskbar. Windows 11 may anticipate receiving updates, like this, which are tiny, but it will be useful every couple of months.

Based on the information, a lot of the features announced with Sun Valley 3 the following year would be incorporated in Moments updates, which will end Sun Valley 2. With the shift in the way Microsoft is approaching things, its internal teams will be given the chance to release new features within an alternative timeframe. Teams will be able to incorporate changes into Moments without having to wait for a major update to be released.

Windows 12 Release Date

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Windows 12 Features

It’s too far from knowing all the features expected to be available in Windows 12 since development on the operating system hasn’t yet started. A number of enhancements are in tests in Windows 11 version 22H2, and they will be accessible to those who use Windows 11 later on in the year. If you’re curious about the latest features available in Windows 11 version 22H2, you are able to read about them here.

Apart from that as a result of participating with this program Windows Insider Program, we get a glimpse of what’s coming our way in the near future. Windows. We expect that a lot of them will be available with Windows 12, but many might also become accessible for users running Windows 11, and some might not be available in any form. Therefore, this list is likely to be updated till Windows 12 is officially finished.

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