Disney+ X-Men ’97 Reboot Gets Exciting Updates From MCU Writer

Disney+ X-Men ’97 Reboot Gets Exciting Updates From MCU Writer In just a few months, Marvel Studios will tackle its first ever animated project, the relaunch or reboot of The X-Men The Animated Series, this time under the title “X-Men ’97”. The iconic show’s theme song already making it into several live action MCU projects, excitement is growing for the final product. Marvel Studios does with its first official X-Men-related property available on Disney+.

Disney+ X-Men '97

Fans were treated to the first glimpse of the X-Men’s ’97 in Marvel Studios’ presentation at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, which featured a new outfit for Magneto as well as information about the official lineup for Marvel’s animated mutant squad.

The show will be starring MCU veteran Beau DeMayo as its head writer, who takes a long-running love affair and a passion to the first story as well as hopes to incorporate the same passion in his writing for the 21st century adaptation of the tale. The writer has posted on social media to give an review of the show’s developing procedure in the meantime Marvel Studios works to bring the mutants back to the spotlight.

The X-Men’s Writing Teases MCU Update


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In a Q&A on the pages of his Instagram Storiesthe X-Men 1997 author Beau DeMayo offered some insight into the process of developing the upcoming MCU Disney+ series.

DeMayo disclosed that he began the process of development for “X-Men: ’97” in the fall of 2020. Once his appointment as his head of the team, he ensured that the writers’ space only with people who were fans of the story. He stated that his team needed to “respect their task” before they could be “allowed to contribute to its legacy”:”

Question: “Can you discuss how the production team was formed and how they were sourced to the X-Men movie of 1997?”

Q: “For sure, in the fall in 2020, the Marvel chief of streaming approached me to create an idea for reviving the show. After that, I presented it to the Marvel head of streaming, and was then hired. My LP was the initial hire and brought with him all the incredible talent that came after. In general, that you had to be an avid fan. No questions.
I’ve seen shows such as Witcher where writers who were opposed to or actively disliked the games and the books (even making fun of the sources.) This can lead to catastrophe and poor morale. The test of fandom is a way to check egos and makes the hours of sleep worth it.
You must respect the work before being allowed to contribute to the legacy of the work.”

The head writer also discussed his “mixed opinions” on this show’s approach to Rogue who the show teased plenty to anticipate with viewers. He also praised the Supervising Producer Charley Feldman for advocating for Rogue’s return with such a strong voice:

Q: I’m hoping Rogue remains an avid fan favorite…you don’t talk about her enough! Have you been reading “Mr and Mrs . X”? It’s not clear if you’re aware that Rogue is now able to control her power. Is this something that could be investigated?

Q: “I am aware that Rogue has learned to control her powers , and I’m not entirely sure of my feelings about the change. But, believe me when I say that Rogue fans are incredibly excited about – not in a way due to Charley Feldman being a massive fan of Rogue’s character.”

When asked how long production will last on the X-Men: ’97 season, DeMayo noted that the show is all his focus “for the near future” along with a couple of other projects aren’t yet discussed:

Q: How long until you’re done on the X-Men movie and what other projects are you planning to release for the future?

A: “X-Men is my life for the near future along with two feature projects that aren’t part of Marvel that I’m not ready to speak about at the moment.”

When a fan wanted to know if he’s worried about reactions from fans towards the program, DeMayo replied that he does care, but the show is “not concerned” about what fans have to sayabout the show:

Are you concerned about the reactions of fans to the X-Men’s ’97 movie??

A: “I care but am not concerned.”

Beau DeMayo All In on Animated X-Men Reboot

Although the specifics that go into the X-Men movie remain under wraps prior to its release Beau DeMayo’s enthusiasm and excitement about being involved in the project is not to be underestimated. After having established a connection between himself and Marvel Studios on the live-action aspect as well his knowledge is a crucial part to the X-Men team’s story when their animated adventures relaunch in the MCU umbrella.

Although it’s unclear if the new reboot will fully align like the animated version however, the X-Men will be able to prosper in the world of fresh characters and possible allies thanks the involvement of Marvel Studios’ involvement.

Given the show’s location at Disney+ and the time that it will take to go before its debut and its writer is expected to have plenty of work to do before him to ensure that the X-Men are brought back in the proper way in this original series. As expectations are high following the studio’s initial efforts in the world of animated with the show What If …?, they’re hoping that he’ll be up to the task of creating an engaging brand new tale for the legendary mutant superheroes.


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